EU-Drivers: Universities driving regional innovation


Nadine Burquel, European Centre for Strategic Management of Universities (ESMU) 

The EU-Drivers project is a three-year project under the EU Lifelong Learning programme which aims to improve regional co-operation between HEIs, private sector companies and local governments in order to enhance the innovation capacities of European universities. It provides leadership development for universities, regional government and business to support regional partnerships and creates a regional innovation virtual community  for exchanging good practices among all stakeholders. Its regional innovation partnership projects form the basis for the development of a sustainable leadership by bringing together the stakeholders to impact on regional economic or social infrastructure. This presentation will draw on practical examples from the seven partnership projects: Inoviz-Izmir for Health (Turkey), Environmental protection (Thessaly, Greece),  The "C-Mine"  Genk coalmining regeneration project (Limburg, Belgium), Intelligent Malaga Knowledge Innovation Community (Andalusia, Spain), the Silver Leadership Academy (South-East England), Brainsbusiness ICT (North Denmark) and Turku Bioimaging (Turku, Finland).


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