Esperanza Perea Acosta



Esperanza Perea Acosta is General Director of Sustainable Development and Environmental Information in the Regional Government of Andalusia. She holds a bachelor degree in Law (University of Seville) and a masters in Management of Social Institutions (Instituto Internacional San Telmo, Seville). She has served the Public Administration for more than 22 years. Her career started in the economic development field, working for the Training for Employment Actions under the European Social Fund in Andalusia (1995-2003). She was General Director of Training and Employment and General Director for Promotion and Equity in the Andalusian Employment Service (2003-08). In 2009, she took office as General Director of Sustainable Development and Environmental Information. The competencies of her Directorate include, environmental planning, international co-operation, environmental project evaluation, general management of protected natural spaces and its resources. She has contributed to many reviews, seminars, workshops and conferences on European funding, training and employment and environmental development and the green economy.


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