Enhancing Agri-business through innovation


Francisco Jiménez Luque, Andalusian Agency for Innovation and Development (IDEA)


Andalusian Government considers Agro industry as one of the strategic sectors of Andalusia and the Regional Ministry of Economy, Innovation and Science has mandated the Andalusian Agency for Innovation and Development, (IDEA) to lead the co-ordination of the innovation system in this sector. IDEA, in collaboration with private sector companies, is aiming to increase the entrepreneurial capabilities for R&D to promote sustainable competitiveness. There is a focus on developing a wide range of support tools to increase the degree of innovation and to improve competitiveness, including a wide range of financial instruments available for firms. In addition, there is an excellent network of public knowledge centres specialised in agro industry: 9 public universities and 17 public research centres. IDEA has also promoted the creation a numerous technological infrastructures such as Technological Parks and Innovation Centres in the agri-business field.




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