Education and the Agri-food sector in Andalusia


Javier Trueba De La Infiesta, Andalusian Nutritional Research Centre (CICAP)


Education is a key element of social and economic development and is crucial for the development of the agriculture sector in Andalusia, one of the strategic sectors in Andalusia. The Andalusian Nutritional Research Centre (CICAP) in co-operate with local companies in this sector, is trying to create an innovative, educated and efficient industry in Andalusia. In today’s rapidly changing and interconnected world, the agriculture sector in Andalusia and in Europe is facing strong competitive challenges from the rest of the world. The response to such challenges must not be protectionism but rather assisting the agriculture, food and nutrition sector to develop its human capacities and material resources. In this aim, higher education institutions and other organisations like the CICAP have an important role to play in improving skills and competencies in the agriculture and food sector.




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