Benefits to the Bío Bío region obtained from the OECD review of Higher Education in Regional and City Development


Eugenio Guzman, Universidad del Desarrollo

The OECD review played a key role in Bío Bío Region, particularly in raising awareness of the urgent need for more collaborative work between higher education institutions, economic and societal stakeholders, regional and local government, in order to foster sustainable development and establish a Regional Human Capital Development System. The OECD review has provided the region with a powerful tool for planning the routes for its future development. Although the consequences of implementing the review recommendations are yet to be seen, the region has witnessed an increasing number of collaborative projects among higher education institutions, a greater awareness of the employability and entrepreneurial skills of graduates, of lifelong continuous education and technical and working age study opportunities. After the 8.8 earthquake on 27 February, 2010, higher education institutions have contributed to the recovery and progress of local communities across the region.


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