A Shared Commitment To Shared Development: The Case of Biotic Campus of International Excellence


Teodoro Luque-Martínez, University of Granada


Universities are undergoing significant transformation as a result of the information society and the globalisation process. This is provoking a series of changes in planning and in approaches to management. In Spain, the Biotic Campus of International Excellence initiative is trying to foster teaching quality, adaptation to the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) and develop centres of international excellence in strategic areas to promote a positive environment for knowledge creation and transfer. The focus is also on developing a campus that offers a high quality of life, environmental sustainability, student focus and an effective urban design. Spanish universities are engaged in this initiative and are developing strategic plans with a view to heightening their international reputation for excellence. This presentation will outline an example of this approach at the case at the Biotic Campus of International Excellence of the University of Granada.



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