Aligning university learning process with regional needs: how to implement PBL


Egon Moesby, University of Aalborg

In Aalborg University, Denmark, study programmes are organised around interdisciplinary group project work. Up to 50% of the study is problem-oriented project work: student work in multidisciplinary teams to solve real-life problems which have been defined in collaboration with the public and private sectors and NGOs. At any one time, there are 2 000 to 3 000 ongoing projects ensuring a high degree of collaboration with the society and private sector. Through its Consultancy and Capacity Programme, Aalborg University helps support/sustain the development of local PBL models in universities throughout the world, e.g. in Brazil, China and Mexico, by training the trainers, teachers and academic directors in the change process. This presentation outlines the process and methodology that would allow a HEI to apply PBL to their own organisation.


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