About Neuron Biopharma


Javier Velasco Álvarez, Neuron Biopharma


Neuron Biopharma was founded in 2005 by Fernando Valdivieso, Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the Autonomous University of Madrid. The company emerged as a spin-off of Prof. Valdivieso’s research group using several patents filed by the university. The company’s is located at the Health-Sciences Technology Park in Granada. Neuron Biopharma has a full-time staff of 42 personnel, 16 of whom have doctorates. Neuron Biopharma is currently undertaking various research programs aimed at discovering innovative drugs to counter the processes involved in neurodegenerative illnesses, especially Alzheimer’s disease. Neuron BioIndustrial’s objective for the next three years is to scale up its already developed processes to industrial level. In some cases Neuron Biopharma may participate as a technological partner in a joint venture for the industrial and commercial exploitation of certain technologies.  


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