Universities, innovation and entrepreneurship: criteria and examples of good practice


Download Hochschule, Innovation und Unternehmertum": Kriterien und Beispiele Guter Praxis


Universities, Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Criteria and Examples of Good Practice 
(English version)

Criteria and examples of good practice in university entrepreneurship support

The handbook seeks to provide a gateway for further exchange amongst universities and policy makers on this topic. The case study work conducted by the OECD LEED Programme so far has led to the development of a criteria list of what constitutes good practice.

The criteria list can be read as a “tool”, which allows universities in eastern Germany, but also elsewhere, to self-assess and re-orient (i) their strategy in supporting entrepreneurship, (ii) their pool of financial and human resources, (iii) the support structures they have established, (iv) their current approaches in entrepreneurship education and start-up support, and (v) their evaluation practices.

It is important for practitioners and policy makers to gain insights on how academic entrepreneurship support works elsewhere as inspiration for the further development of their approaches. The handbook seeks to contribute to this by providing short descriptions of 20 good practice initiatives from universities in eastern Germany and other countries. It was prepared to accompany the Good Practice Exchange Workshop in Halle on 12 June 2009.

For further information, please contact Andrea-Rosalinde Hofer and Jonathan Potter.


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