4th Regional Anti-Corruption Conference for Asia and the Pacific


3-5 December 2003

The ADB/OECD Initiative’s regional anti-corruption conferences provide an opportunity to exchange experience, discuss co-operation, evaluate progress and hindrances in the fight against corruption, and increase knowledge on key anti-corruption issues. As such, the regional conferences support the countries’ reform efforts under the Action Plan.

The fourth Regional Anti-Corruption conference held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, marked the end of the first implementation cycle under the Action Plan. Immediately preceded by the Initiative's 4th Steering Group Meeting, the conference provided an opportunity to discuss past and future reforms, evaluate the existing legal and institutional anti-corruption framework in the region, and encourage additional countries to join the Initiative.

In addition to reviewing past reforms, the conference also aimed at fostering future action and building capacity. A series of workshops addressed anti-corruption issues particularly relevant to the region. In order to share the workshop results with the widest possible audience, the Conference proceedings have been published.

Participants included senior representatives from governments, NGOs, the regional business community, major trade unions and relevant professional associations from ADB and OECD member countries from the Asian and Pacific region, and representatives from the international donor community. In addition, experts from ADB and OECD member countries from outside the region were invited on an ad-hoc basis to share experience on topics of particular interest.

 Conference programme
 Conference proceedings
 Conference conclusions and recommendations
 List of participants
 Press Releases:
   - Asia-Pacific Agrees on Need for Sustained Fight Against Corruption
   - ADB-OECD to Host Conference on Combating Corruption in Asia-Pacific

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