Anti-Corruption Policies in Asia and the Pacific: Progress in legal and institutional reform in 25 countries


Progress – Achievements – Challenges in the Fight against Corruption

Over the last decade, societies have come to realize the extent to which corruption and bribery have undermined their welfare and stability. Governments, the private sector, and civil society alike have consequently declared the fight against corruption to be of the highest priority.
In the Asia-Pacific region, 28 countries have joined forces to fight against corruption under the umbrella of the Asian Development Bank (ADB)/Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Anti-Corruption Initiative for Asia and the Pacific, a first-of-its-kind partnership among all stakeholders from Asian and Pacific countries. Under the Initiative’s Action Plan, these countries have committed to reform of their legal and institutional frameworks to strengthen safeguards against corruption and to implement internationally recognized standards.
The Initiative’s member countries and jurisdictions regularly take stock of their relevant legal and institutional provisions to assess progress, achievements and remaining challenges. The present publication is the result of this process. It presents an overview of the main developments and reforms that countries have achieved since 2004 when the report’s first edition was published. This publication provides an easily accessible and comprehensive overview of legal and institutional frameworks, as well as trends and priorities in the fight against corruption.
The report covers Australia; Bangladesh; Cambodia; People’s Republic of China; Cook Islands; Fiji Islands; Hong Kong, China; India; Indonesia; Japan; Republic of Kazakhstan; Republic of Korea; Kyrgyz Republic; Malaysia; Mongolia; Nepal; Pakistan; Republic of Palau; Papua New Guinea; the Philippines; Samoa; Singapore; Thailand; Vanuatu; and Vietnam.

 Anti-Corruption Policies in Asia and the Pacific: Progress in Legal and Institutional Reform in 25 Countries
ADB/OECD. Manila. 2006. ISBN 971-561-609-7

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