Anti-Corruption Action Plan for Asia and the Pacific


The Anti-Corruption Action Plan for Asia and the Pacific is the Initiative's main instrument. It defines the participating countries' objectives in building sustainable legal and institutional frameworks to fight corruption and, in its Implementation Plan, outlines the mechanisms to achieve these objectives.

The Action Plan was agreed upon at the 3rd annual ADB/OECD Anti-Corruption Conference for Asia-Pacific, held in November 2001. The Initiative's members have formally endorsed the Action Plan and committed to its goals and implementation mechanism.

The Action Plan's implementation mechanisms, laid down in the Implementation Plan, include capacity development, policy analysis, and capacity building partnerships with organisations and institutions that support the fight against corruption in Asia-Pacific underpin these mechanisms. The Implementation Plan also foresees that the Initiative's member countries define and implement reform projects on a regular basis to address priorities for reform in the fight against corruption.

Steering Group members decide on the priorities of the Initiative's work, the objectives and work programme, and the mechanisms to implement this programme. An Advisory Group and the Initiative's Secretariat support the Steering Group.

 Endorsing countries' contact persons
 Steering Group meetings
 Countries' reform projects


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