ADB-OECD Conference on nurturing an anti-corruption culture in the Asia-Pacific region


Nurturing an Anti-Corruption Culture in the Asia-Pacific Region 

Seoul, Korea - 15-17 November 2017 

The ADB/OECD Anti-Corruption Initiative for Asia held its 9th Regional Conference under the theme, “Nurturing an Anti-Corruption Culture in the Asia-Pacific Region” and 22nd Steering Group Meeting on 15-17 November 2017 in Seoul, Korea. The 9th Regional Conference and 22nd Steering Group Meeting were organised by ADB, and OECD, in partnership with UNDP, and hosted by the Government of Korea in cooperation with Korea’s Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission. 

The 9th Regional Conference consisted of a High-Level Panel and Public Integrity Network (PIN), which brought together government leaders and delegates from anticorruption agencies, supreme audit authorities, planning agencies, as well as representatives of private sector and civil society. The High-Level Panel participants reflected on achievements and challenges in promoting anti-corruption and integrity, and discussed future policy priorities for the Asia and Pacific region. The Public Integrity Network (PIN) discussed how anticorruption strategies can contribute to national development outcomes and to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.  





List of Participants

Meeting Minutes


Confiscation and Asset Recovery: Challenges in Practice, Claire Daams, Monfrini Bitton Klein Swiss Litigators

Confiscation and Asset Recovery: Civil Lawsuits and Insolvency Tools, Claire Daams, Monfrini Bitton Klein Swiss Litigators

Asset Recovery: The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission Efforts, Siti Zakiah Binti Che Man, MACC

Confiscation of Instrumentalities and Proceeds of Corruption Crimes, Vitaly Kasko, ExCo Member of International Association of Prosecutors

Asset Forfeiture and Financial Investigations in Corruption Offences, National Anti-Corruption Directorate, Romania

ADB-OECD Asia-Pacific Anti-Corruption Initiative Law Enforcement Network: Future Activities, Olga Savran, OECD

Case Study on Corruption-related Investigations: Asset repatriation by Governments, Christian Schierholt, Prosecutor General's Office Celle, Germany


For further information, please contact the Secretariat of the ADB/OECD Anti-Corruption Initiative for Asia and the Pacific:

Olga Savran, OECD
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Jeroen Michels, OECD
Tel. +33 1 85 55 60 68 l


ADB/OECD Anti-Corruption Initiative


Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission of Korea



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