8th Steering Group meeting


The 8th Steering Group Meeting of the ADB/OECD Anti-Corruption Initiative for Asia-Pacific, held at the ADB headquarters in Manila, Philippines, on 17-19 May 2006 had three main objectives:

 to report on and discuss the implementation of the Anti-Corruption Action Plan for Asia-Pacific, including recent anti-corruption reform projects that have taken place since the last meeting of the Steering Group in September 2005, and plans for upcoming reform projects in accordance with the Action Plan;
 to finalize the Steering Group’s self-evaluation and mutual review process on implementing the Action Plan’s standards for curbing corruption in public procurement; and

 to have a preliminary discussion on the Initiative’s strategy and work program 2007-2008 to be adopted at the 9th Steering Group meeting.

Sri Lanka and Macao, China were formally welcomed as the 26th and 27th full members to the Steering Group during this meeting.

 draft agenda
 list of participants
 press release
 minutes of the meeting


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