5th Steering Group meeting


The 5th Steering Group Meeting of the ADB/OECD Anti-Corruption Initiative for Asia-Pacific was held at the ADB headquaters in Manila, Philippines, on 5-7 July 2004. The meeting had four main objectives:
 to report on ongoing activities of both the endorsing countries and the Initiative’s Secretariat;
 to review and finalize the stocktaking report;
 to present and discuss the countries’ planned anti-corruption reforms under the Action Plan’s second implementation cycle; and
 to table and approve upon the Initiative's strategy and work plan for 2004-2006.
The Republic of Palau and Vietnam were formally welcomed as full members to the Steering Group during this meeting.

 minutes of the 5th Steering Group meeting (approved April 05)
 reform projects under the second implementation cycle
 strategy and work plan 2004-2006
 list of participants



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