2nd Steering Group meeting


The Steering Group's second meeting  was held on 27 - 28 May 2002 at the ADB headquarters, in Manila, Philippines. Participants discussed the endorsing countries' selected priority areas for reform and corresponding implementation projects under the Action Plan's first implementation cycle. In this context, the Steering Group issued recommendations for each country project and discussed next steps to be taken by endorsing countries and the Secretariat to finalize the project proposals, seek donor support and initiate project implementation.
The group at this meeting further discussed the Initiative's work program 2002-2003, including the preparation of the third Steering Group meeting, sub-regional roundtables and the organization of the Initiative's fourth regional anti-corruption conference.
The Republic of Kazakhstan was formally welcomed as full member to the Steering Group during this meeting.

 reform projects under the first implementation cycle
 implementation strategy 2002-2003
 minutes of the 2nd Steering Group meeting (approved March 03)
 list of participants


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