21st Steering Group Meeting


 8 November 2016  Thimphu, Bhutan

The 21st Steering Group Meeting of the ADB/OECD Anti-Corruption Initiative for Asia-Pacific was hosted by the Royal Government of Bhutan. 

The objectives of the meeting were to:

  • Hear and discuss presentations on recent reports of the OECD Anti-Corruption Netwrok in Eastern Europe and Central Asia and Integrity Reviews of Kazakhstan, Thailand and Indonesia;

  • Hear report by the Secretariat

  • Discuss the Initiative's programme of work for 2018-2020; and

  • Hear the Anti-Corruption Commission of Bhutan, Steering Group, and Advisory Group present recent anti-corruption work and future priorities.

The meeting was chaired by representative(s) of the Royal Government of Bhutan and the Anti-Corruption Commission of Bhutan, ADB and OECD. 





Minutes of the Meeting

Discussion Paper on ADB/OECD Initiative's Programme of Work 2018-2020

Strategy and Work Prgramme 2015-2017: Progress Report and Planned Activities

Compilation of Written Reports from Steering Group Members

Anti-Corruption Reforms in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, 2013-2015: Executive Summary



Graeme Gunn, OECD 
Tel. +33 1 45 24 90 14 (graeme.gunn@oecd.org)

Warren Turner, ADB
Tel. +63 2 632 6610 (wturner@adb.org


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