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STES Timeliness Framework: Relationships with Respondents


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This page contains links to detailed documentation on how developing relationships with respondents can assist in improving timeliness or reducing costs in the production of short-term economic statistics.   The papers below provide detailed information on methods relevant to this topic which have been implemented within statistical organisations.  Issues covered include:

•   Cooperation with respondents to reduce response burden and improve response time
•   Involving businesses in the survey process, providing feedback or incentives

Primary papers

The papers below focus primarily on the issue of relationships with respondents.  They may also contain information on other statistical processes defined in the STES Timeliness Framework .

The effect of incentives on response rates and timing for economic surveys at ABS (2005)

Good principles for writing letters to obtain response in business surveys at ABS (2005)

Improving Relationships with Respondents in the Czech Republic for the Monthly Survey of Sales in Trade and Services (2005)

Danish Experiences in Tackling the Respondent Burden (2004)

Timeliness, Response Burden and Cooperation with Respondents at Statistics Denmark  (2003)

Providing Respondents with Free Access to Survey Results at Statistics Austria  (2004)

Secondary papers

The papers below refer to the issue of relationships with respondents to some extent.  They also provide more detail on other statistical processes defined in the STES Timeliness Framework .

eSTATISTIK.core: Electronic data reporting from ERP systems in Germany (2005)

Using Total Quality Management to Improve Spanish Industrial Statistics  (2001)

New Approaches to Data Exchange with Businesses at Statistics Norway  (2002)

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