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Short-Term Economic Statistics (STES) Timeliness Framework


The STES Timeliness Framework is a structured collection of documentation on a range of methodological and operational good practices currently used by national statistical organisations for improving timeliness, reducing costs or improving accuracy in the production of short-term economic statistics from business surveys and/or administrative sources.

How to use the STES Timeliness Framework

The table below presents the process for producing short-term economic statistics within broad categories.  The headings in column 2 are statistical processes within which a range of techniques can be applied to improve timeliness or reduce costs.  Click on the links to access more detailed information on these techniques based on the research undertaken in developing the framework.


Contents of the STES Timeliness Framework

Broad statistical process Links to documentation on proven operational methods to improve timeliness or reduce costs for short-term economic statistics
1  Frame selection and administrative data use 1.1 Using Administrative Data Directly or Indirectly for Short-term Statistics
2  Questionnaire design 2.1 Flexible Questionnaire and Form Design
3  Sample design and selection 3.1 Efficient Sample Designs
4  Reference period & due dates 4.1 Choice of Reference Periods
5  Data collection and validation (editing) 5.1 Efficient Data Collection Methods Using Technology
6  Estimation 6.1 Data Imputation Methods
6.2 Preliminary Estimates from Sub Samples
6.3 Estimation Based on Lower Response Rates
6.4 Preliminary Estimates Based on Statistical Models
7  Evaluation & dissemination 7.1 Assessment of User Requirements
7.2 Analysis of Revisions
7.3 Quality Assessment of Timeliness Improvements
7.4 Use of Benchmarking Techniques
7.5 Efficient Dissemination Processes
8  Overview 8.1 Papers Covering Several Methods to Improve Timeliness
8.2 All Papers Sorted by Country

The documentation referenced in the framework was collected from statistical organisations, statistical journals and proceedings from statistical conferences by a taskforce of the OECD Short-term Economic Statistics Expert Group. The content also covers methods to improve the quality of short-term economic statistics.

Queries and updates to the framework

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