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Seminar: Innovative Approaches to Turn Statistics into Knowledge, 24-26 September 2012, Seoul







Organised jointly by
OECD and Statistics Korea


24-26 September 2012

Venue - The Ritz-Carlton, Seoul

This seminar addressed the issue of making statistics more easily understandable and appealing using the latest data visualization techniques. The event provided a platform for showcasing the latest cutting-edge products in the presentation, dissemination and communication of statistics, building on the progress made in previous seminars held in 2007 (Rome), 2008 (Stockholm), 2009 (Washington DC) and 2010 (Cape Town).


The meeting was organized around 4 main themes:

Agenda (includes links to presentations; video presentations to follow)

A. Using maps to visualize your data - software making use of maps to select and visualize the data.

B. How to get the most out of your data with data discovery & analysis softwareusing ‘data mining’ together with other analytical software to exploit statistical data.

C. Using data and storytelling to get a message across - the ability of the tool to describe a sequence of events using the data, graphics and descriptive text saved and viewed as a ‘story’ that can be shared with others.

D. Visualising data in innovative ways - viewing data and graphics in a way not covered by the other themes.





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