Productivity statistics

OECD Workshop on Productivity Analysis and Measurement, Bern 16-18 October 2006


Organised jointly with the Federal Statistical Office and the State Secretary for Economic Affairs of Switzerland


Monday, 16 October 2006, 9h00-17h30

Tuesday, 17 October 2006, 9h00-17h30

Wednesday, 18 October 2006, 9h00-15h15


Productivity is a key indicator in the assessment of economic performance. The present workshop, which follows up on a similar event in Madrid in October 2005, addresses productivity measurement issues, takes stock of the progress with official productivity measures by national statistical offices and presents a series of papers on productivity analysis. The workshop brings together representatives of statistical offices, central banks and other branches of government in OECD countries that are engaged in the analysis and measurement of productivity developments at aggregate and industry level. Special focus will be given to productivity measurement and analysis for Switzerland. To support the workshop, OECD issues its 2006 Compendium of Productivity Indicators.


New Venue:
Hotel Allegro
Kornhausstrasse 3
CH - 3000 Bern 25


Erwin Diewert: Conclusions of the workshop and future directions
OECD Secretariat: Workshop summary

Monday, 16 October 2006, 9h00-17h30

Opening and welcome (9h00-9h15)

Adelheid Bürgi-Schmelz, Head of the Swiss Federal Statistical Office

Session 1 (9h15-12h00) Productivity growth in Switzerland

Chair: Paul Schreyer, OECD

     1.   Keynote address: The challenges for increasing productivity growth in Switzerland
Presentation (PowerPoint)
           Aymo Brunetti, Chief Economist (State Secretary for Economic Affairs Switzerland)

     2.   Productivity growth and innovation in Switzerland - An international perspective (pdf),
           Presentation (PowerPoint)         
           Dominique Guellec (OECD)

     3.   MFP measurement: from data pitfalls to problem solving – the Swiss way (pdf)
           Presentation (PowerPoint)
           Ruth Meier  (Swiss Federal Statistical Office)

Coffee break

     4.   Innovation, Technology and Productivity in Switzerland - A Micro Data Analysis
           Presentation (PowerPoint)
           Jan-Egbert Sturm (KOF - Swiss Institute for Business Cycle Research)

Session 2 (12h00-15h45): Productivity, innovation and technology

Chair: Sabrina Pabilonia, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

      5.   Research and Development as a Value Creating Asset (pdf), Presentation (PowerPoint)   
            Emma Edworthy and Gavin Wallis (Office for National Statistics, United Kingdom)


      6.   Dutch retail trade on the rise? Relation between competition, innovation and productivity (pdf)

            Presentation (PowerPoint)
            Harold Creusen, Björn Vroomen, Henry van der Wiel and Fred Kuypers

      7.   Infrastructures and ICT. Mesurement Issues and Impact on Economic Growth (pdf),
            Presentation (PowerPoint)          
            Matilde Mas (Ivie and University of Valencia)

      8.   Empirical analysis of the effects of R&D on productivity: Implications for productivity measurement? (pdf), Presentation (PowerPoint)
            Dean Parham (Productivity Commission, Australia)

Rapporteur: Dominique Guellec (OECD)

Coffee break

Session 3 (16h15-17h30): Measuring and analysing labour input

Chair: Carl Obst, Australian Bureau of Statistics

      9.   Labour input productivity: comparative measures and quality issues  (pdf)         
            Antonella Baldassarini and Nadi Di Veroli (ISTAT)

    10.   Are Those Who Bring Work Home Really Working Longer Hours? (pdf), Presentation (PowerPoint)
            Lucy Eldridge and Sabrina Pabilonia (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)



Tuesday, 17 October 2006, 9h00-17h30

Session 3 continued (9h00-10h10): Measuring and analysing labour input

    11.   Growth in Euro Area Labour Quality  (pdf) 
            Presentation (PowerPoint)         
           Guido Schwerdt and Jarkko Turunen (European Central Bank)

    12.   The Comparative Level of GDP per Capita in Canada and the United States: a Decomposition into Labour Productivity and Work Intensity Differences (pdf), Presentation (PowerPoint)  
            Jean-Pierre Maynard (Statistics Canada)

Rapporteur: Alice Nakamura (University of Alberta, Canada)

Coffee break

Session 4 (10h40-15h45): New productivity measures for OECD countries

Chair: Jean-Pierre Maynard, Statistics Canada

    13.   Productivity Measurement at Statistics Netherlands: A Progress Report (pdf)
            Presentation (PowerPoint)
            Dirk van den Bergen, Myriam van Rooijen-Horsten, Mark de Haan and Bert M. Balk
            (Statistics Netherlands)

    14.    Estimates of industry level multifactor productiviy in Australia: Measurement initiatives and issues (pdf), Presentation (PowerPoint)
            Carl Obst, Australian Bureau of Statistics

    15.   Estimates of Labor and Total Factor Productivity by 72 industries in Korea (1970-2003)   (pdf)
            Presentation (PowerPoint)
            Hak K. Pyo (Department of Economics, Seoul National University) and
            Bongchan Ha (Korea Institute for Industrial Economics and Technology)
            Keun Hee Rhee (Korean Productivity Center)


    16.   Productivity in the European Union: A Comparative Industry Approach (pdf) 
            Mind the gap! International comparisons of productivity in services and goods production  (pdf)
            Presentation (PowerPoint)
            Bart van Ark, Marcel Timmer (University of Groningen) and Mary O’Mahony (National Institute for
            Economic and Social Research, United Kingdom)

    17.    A Net Profit Approach to Productivity Measurement, with an appication to Italy (pdf)
            Presentation (PowerPoint)
            Carlo Milana (ISAE, Italy)

    18.   Measuring the Contributions of Productivity and Terms of Trade to Australia’s Economic Welfare (pdf), Presentation (PowerPoint)          
           Erwin Diewert (University of British Columbia, Canada) and Dennis Lawrence (Meyrick Associates)

Rapporteur: Matilde Mas, Ivie and University of Valencia, Spain

Coffee break

Session 5 (16h15-17h30): Issues in productivity analysis

Chair: Carl Bakker, The Treasury, New Zealand

    19.   Privatisation vs. productivity in Poland (pdf), Presentation (PowerPoint)
            Izabella Zagozdzinska and Jacek Kotowski (Central Statistical Office, Poland)

    20.   Does Sweden give away its TFP for free?  (pdf), Presentation (PowerPoint)         
            Tomas Skytesvall (National Accounts, OECD) and Hans-Olof Hagen (Statistics Sweden)


Wednesday, 18 October 2006, 9h00-15h15

Session 5 continued (9h00-10h45): Issues in productivity analysis

    21.  Firm demography and Aggregate Productivity Growth (pdf), Presentation (PowerPoint)
           Barbro Widerstedt (Swedish Institute for Growth Policy Studies)
           (Presented by Lars Fredrik Andersson, Swedish Institute for Growth Policy Studies)

    22.  Trends in ‘structural’ productivity levels in the major industrialised countries (pdf)
           Presentation (PowerPoint)    
           (Renaud Bourlès (Université de la Méditerranée) and Gilbert Cette (Banque de France)

    23.  Quantifying the Productivity Counterpart of Outsourcing in the Italian Manufacturing Industries (pdf)
           Presentation (PowerPoint)
           Francesco Daveri (University of Parma), Massimiliano Iommi (ISTAT) and Cecilia Jona-Lasinio

Rapporteur: Bart van Ark, University of Groningen

Coffee break 

Session 6 (11h15-12h15): Panel discussion – conclusions and future orientations

Chair: Ruth Meier, Swiss Federal Statistical Office

Panelists: Gilbert Cette, Banque de France
                Graeme Davis, Treasury Department Australia
                Erwin Diewert, University of British Columbia, Canada
                Gerardo Layva Parra, INEGI, Mexico
                Paul Schreyer, OECD


Discussion session on productivity levels and industry PPPs (13h15-15h15)

This session is intended to review some of the recent work on measurement of productivity levels and industry PPPs. There will be only short presentations, and the focus will be on comments from experts. This session is organised in cooperation with the EU KLEMS consortium. Participation is in principle on invitation, but all participants of the workshop on 16-17 October who also wish to attend are welcome to do so. Please contact Paul Schreyer ( or Bart van Ark ( 

    24.   Reader on Productivity Levels (pdf)
            Bart van Ark and Marcel Timmer (University of Groningen) and Dirk Pilat (OECD)

    25.   PPPs for Industry Output: A New Dataset for International Comparisons (pdf)
           Presentation (PowerPoint)        
           Bart van Ark, Marcel Timmer and Gerard Ypma (University of Groningen)

    26.   International Comparisons of Industry Output, Inputs and Productivity Levels: Methodology and New Results (pdf), Presentation (PowerPoint)
            Marcel Timmer and Robert Inklaar (University of Groningen)



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