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OECD / Eurostat Guidelines on Revisions Policy and Analysis


This website presents a set of guidelines on best practice for performing and using the results of revision analyses for sub-annual economic statistics, and in formulating a revisions policy which effectively supports user needs.  It also contains a set of standard tools as a resource to both producers and users of official statistics to perform their own revision analyses.

Guidelines and related documents are presented for the range of themes listed in the table below with live links to their content.  These were produced by a joint OECD / Eurostat taskforce which brought together eminent experts on this topic from a wide range of institutions around the world.


Theme related to revision policy and analysis

Summary of recommendations for revisions policy and analysis

Guidelines for establishing a real-time database for performing revisions analysis

Recommended statistical measures for interpreting the outputs of revision analyses

Pre-programmed software for performing revisions analysis

A framework for revisions policy of key economic indicators

Comprehensive framework of reasons for revisions and their timing

Guidelines on how to decompose total revision into different reasons for revisions

Guidelines on how to use the results from revision analyses to improve compilation methods

Case studies on the relationship between timeliness of release and size of revisions

Assessing the efficiency of early release estimates of economic statistics

The members of the task-force who prepared the material presented in this website are: Richard McKenzie & Michela Gamba (OECD), Gian Luigi Mazzi & Rosa Ruggeri-Cannata (Eurostat), Anna Ciammola (ISTAT), Heinz Dieden (ECB), Ruth Detlefsen (US Bureau of Census), Dennis Fixler (US BEA), Michel Girard (Statistics Canada), Leendert Hoven (Statistics Netherlands), Andreas Lorenz (Deutsche Bundesbank), Robin Youll (UK ONS).


See also the original Terms of Reference for the work of the task-force.


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