National accounts

Working Party on National Accounts, 14-16 October 2008


Heads of National Accounts (updated on 22 October 2008)
Participants list - 14 October
Participants list - 15-16 October

Draft Summary Record - STD/CSTAT/WPNA/M(2008)1 (as of 1 December 2008)

In line with OECD policy to reduce paper consumption, delegates are invited to download the papers from this location and bring them to the meeting. Only a very limited number of paper copies will be made available at the meeting for those delegates who could not bring meeeting documents with them.

Draft Agenda
(as of 22 October 2008)

Morning 9:00 a.m. – 12:30 a.m. – Afternoon 2:00 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.


14th October: joint meeting with Working Party on Financial Statistics



 Adoption of the draft agenda



Adoption of the draft summary record  of the last meeting
Adoption du compte rendu succinct de la dernière réunion




 SNA Review

 -  Progress report SNA Manager
 -  Update on implementation plans 

ppt P. McCarthy

ppt OECD

ppt UNSD

 4.   Accession process to the OECD
 -  Review of national accounts in accession countries (OECD)

 STD/CSTAT/WPNA(2008)1 - ppt


 GDP and beyond – recent developments
 -  Update on Commission on the measurement of economic performance and social progress (Stiglitz Commission) (Jean-Etienne Chapron, INSEE)

 -  Reconciling micro and macro estimates of household disposable income (OECD)

Stiglitz Commission paper





 Discrepancy between financial accounts and capital accounts (Hans Wouters, CBS Netherlands)

 -  Panel discussion

    .  Patrick O'Hagan (Canada)

    .  Hans Wouters (Netherlands)

    .   Susan Hume McIntosh (USA)




STD/CSTAT/WPNA(2008)24 - ppt

STD/CSTAT/WPNA(2008)3 - ppt

room document - ppt


 Other topics for joint meeting
 -  An enhanced methodology of compiling financial intermediation services indirectly measured (ECB)
    .  Eurostat
 -  Assessing the efficiency of early release estimates of economic statistics (OECD) 


STD/CSTAT/WPNA(2008)4 - ppt

room document

STD/CSTAT/WPNA(2008)5 - ppt



15th October



  Non-financial assets (1)
 -  Survey on estimates of land (OECD)

 -  Survey on estimates of subsoil assets (OECD)

 -  Estimating buildings, other structures and land in the perspective of compiling balance sheets by institutional sector (ISTAT)

 -  The japanese projects on the measurement of assets (Japan)

STD/CSTAT/WPNA(2008)6 - ppt
STD/CSTAT/WPNA(2008)7 - ppt

STD/CSTAT/WPNA(2008)8 - ppt



Non-financial assets (2)

 -  Handbook on measurement of intellectual property products (OECD)

 -  Survey on treatment of software (Jiemin GUO - OECD)


STD/CSTAT/WPNA(2008)10 - ppt


STD/CSTAT/WPNA(2008)11 - ppt


 Non-market Services
 -  Draft Handbook on volume measures for health and education services(OECD)
 -  Country presentations

    .  New method for deflation of hospital services (Germany)

    .  Results of the feasibility study for a volume method including a direct outcome based quality correction for secondary education (Netherlands)

     .  Comparision of input and output-based volume measures of education (Italy)

    .  Volume measures on health and education (Ricardo M. de Moraes, Brazil)
 -  Report Taskforce on Health PPPs (OECD)


STD/CSTAT/WPNA(2008)12 - ppt



STD/CSTAT/WPNA(2008)13 - ppt


STD/CSTAT/WPNA(2008)14  - ppt


STD/CSTAT/WPNA(2008)15 - ppt


STD/CSTAT/WPNA(2008)16 - ppt


ppt - OECD/ELS

16th October


11. Benchmarking and creation of long time series of NA data
 -  Country presentations

    .  Netherlands

    .  Breakdown of value-added in France, 1949-2007 (le partage de la valeur ajoutée en France, 1949-2007) (Pierre-Alain Pionnier, France)

   .  South African national accounts benchmarking experience dealing with large level changes in data and the influence on national accounts time series data (Gerhardt Bouwer, Statistics South Africa)




STD/CSTAT/WPNA(2008)18 - ppt

STD/CSTAT/WPNA(2008)19 - ppt

INSEE - pdf


STD/CSTAT/WPNA(2008)20 - ppt





 OECD Databases

  -  Annual national accounts

    .  Data transmission

    .  Proposal for new publication

 -  Quarterly national accounts:  data transmission



STD/CSTAT/WPNA(2008)21 - ppt

STD/CSTAT/WPNA(2008)22 - ppt

STD/CSTAT/WPNA(2008)23 - ppt 


 UN-ECE/OECD/Eurostat Working Group on the Impact of Globalisation on National Accounts
 -  Report on first meeting (April 2008) 

Room document - ppt


Proposal for a unified classification of trade in goods and trade in services (OECD)

STD/CSTAT/WPNA(2008)25 - ppt


Elections of the Bureau  





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