National accounts

National Accounts of OECD Countries - Financial Accounts and Financial Balance Sheets


These two volumes of the series of National Accounts of OECD Countries, relating respectively to the financial accounts and the financial balance sheets of OECD countries are based on the System of National Accounts (SNA 1993), except Australia which is presented on the basis of the 2008 SNA.

  • National Accounts of OECD, Financial Accounts
  • National Accounts of OECD Countries, Financial Balance Sheets

In both volumes, data are expressed in national currency.

The National Accounts of OECD Countries, Financial Accounts includes financial transactions, by institutional sector and by financial operation.

The National Accounts of OECD Countries, Financial Balance Sheets includes financial stocks (both financial assets and liabilities), by institutional sector (non-financial corporations, financial corporations, general government, households and non-profit institutions serving households, total economy and rest of the world) and by financial instrument.

Countries covered

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Israel**, Italy, Japan, Korea, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom and United States.


** for Financial Balance Sheets only


Download data from OECD.Stat Extracts. They are updated on a daily basis. 

Financial Accounts Flows - Consolidated data


Financial Accounts Flows - Non consolidated data


Financial Balance Sheets - Consolidated data


Financial Balance Sheets - Non consolidated data



How to obtain this publication

  • Government officials can access the online database and the book in PDF e-book via OLISnet.

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