National accounts

National Accounts Meetings - Archive of Papers


1 - Agendas
2 - Minutes
3 - List of participants
4 - Agriculture
5 - Backcasting
6 - Changes in inventories
7 - Classifications
8 - Collection & dissemination of NA data at the OECD
9 - Consumer subsidies
10 - Employment
11 - Financial Accounts
12 - Financial Services
13 - General government accounts
14 - Household wealth
15 - Input-output
16 - Insurance
17 - Interest
18 - ITC measurement
19 - Miscellaneous
20 - Non-financial assets, intangibles, R&D, capital stock & services
21 - Non-market output
22 - Other international statistical manuals
23 - Pension funds
24 - PPP & national accounts
25 - Revisions, balancing methods
26 - Satellite accounts, sustainable development
27 - Savings
28 - SNA implementation & revision, international comparability, ISWGNA
29 - Stock options
30 - Transfer costs
31 - Underground economy
32 - Volume estimates & productivity

33 - Commission on the measurement of economic performance

34 - Accession process
35 - Institutional sector accounts
36 - Securitisation

1 - Agendas

Draft agenda - STD/CSTAT/WPNA/A(2010)1
Draft agenda - COM/STD/DAF/A(2010)1
Draft agenda - COM/STD/DAF/A(2009)1
Draft agenda - STD/CSTAT/WPNA/A(2009)1
Draft agenda - COM/STD/DAF/A(2008)1
Draft agenda - STD/CSTAT/WPNA/A(2007)1/REV1
Draft agenda - COM/STD/DAF/A(2007)1
Draft agenda of the WPNA - STD/CSTAT/WPNA/A(2006)1
Draft agenda of the WPFS - COM/STD/DAF/A(2006)1

2 - Minutes

Minutes of the 2009 WPNA meeting - STD/CSTAT/WPNA/M(2009)1
Minutes of the 2009 WPFS meeting - COM/STD/DAF/M(2009)1
Minutes of the 2008 WPFS meeting - COM/STD/DAF/M(2008)1
Minutes of the 2008 WPNA meeting - STD/CSTAT/WPNA/M(2008)1
Summary record of the last meeting - COM/STD/DAF/M(2007)1
Draft Summary Record of the WPNA - STD/CSTAT/WPNA/M(2007)1

3 - List of participants

List of participants WPNA(2010) - 1 December - 2-3 December
List of participants WPFS(2010) - 29/30 November - 1 December

4 - Agriculture


5 - Backcasting


6 - Changes in inventories


7 - Classifications

Proposal for a unified classification of trade in goods and trade in services (OECD) - STD/CSTAT/WPNA(2008)25 - ppt

Classifications of financial corporations and of financial assets (ECB) - STD/CSTAT/WPNA(2006)14 -STD/CSTAT/WPNA/RD(2006)3
Top-top industry classifications in the SNA [W. Cave, OECD] - STD/NAES(2005)9
Classification and terminology of the financial corporations in the updated SNA - STD/NAES/FA(2005)2 
Classification and terminology of financial assets and liabilities in the updated SNA - STD/NAES/FA(2005)1
Classification issue:  proposal for an ISIC aggregation structure (William Cave, OECD) - STD/NAES(2004)18 
Draft publication: SNA93 Classifications (COICOP, COPNI, COFOG) (OECD) - STD/NA/RD(98)10


8 - Collection & dissemination of NA data at the OECD

National Accounts data: User needs

Motivating the development of improved metatdata to compare the size of the public and government sectors (Nadim Ahmad - OECD/STD and Hans Christiansen - OECD Directorate for Financial and Enterprise Affairs) -STD/CSTAT/WPNA(2009)6 - PPTnt> - PPT

Quarterly sectoral accounts

Proposal for the collection of (non-financial and financial) QSA statistics (Jiemin Guo, Michèle Chavoix-Mannato, OECD) -STD/CSTAT/WPNA(2009)4 - PPT

QSA in the EU: Results and future developments (Denis Leythienne - Eurostat) -PPT

Reconciliation of quarterly non-financial and financial accounts by the use of unquoted shares and other instruments (Carina Kjersgaard Friis - National Bank of Denmark) -STD/CSTAT/WPNA(2009)2 - PPT

Developing quarterly accounts for the institutional sectors in Chile (Carmen-Gloria Escobar - Central Bank of Chile) - PPT

Quarterly national accounts: data transmission - STD/CSTAT/WPNA(2008)23 - PPT

Analysis of public deficit/surplus revisions (J. Nogueira Martins,  European Commission) - STD/CSTAT/WPNA(2007)4 - PPT

Calculations of changes in inventories (C. Aspden, OECD) - STD/CSTAT/WPNA(2007)19/REV1 available on OLIS only - PPT

Consolidation practices regarding the Government sector S13 and the Financial sector S12 (M. Chavoix-Mannato, OECD) - COM/STD/DAF(2007)12 - PPT
Results on the survey on Valuation of Assets:  valuation of certain assets and liabilities - the situation in Europe (J. Verrinder, Eurostat) - COM/STD/DAF(2007)11 - PPT

The household aggregate financial health:  evidence from selected OECD countries (R. De Bonis, Bank of Italy, D. Fano and T. Sbano,  Pioneer investments) - COM/STD/DAF(2007)1 - PPT


9 - Consumer subsidies


10. Employment

Comparability of labour input measures for productivity analysis, (Olivier Brunet - OECD) - STD/CSTAT/WPNA(2009)11 - PPT


11 - Financial accounts

Programme of work of the WPFS for the biennium 2011-2012 (M. Chavoix-Mannato - OECD) - COM/STD/DAF(2010)14 - PPT
The working party on debt management (DAF - OECD) - DAF/MC/DM/M(2010)3 - PPT
Financial accounts for Argentina, Brazil, China, India and Indonesia within the SNA standards: issues and challenges (University of Rome - Italy) - COM/STD/DAF(2010)13 - PPT
Debt and net financial wealth: a comparative analysis for the european countries (ISTAT) - COM/STD/DAF(2010)11 - PPT
A set of key financial indicators (OECD) - COM/STD/DAF(2010)12 - PPT
Valuation of equity in the canadian system of National Accounts (Statistics Canada) - COM/STD/DAF(2010)5 - PPT
OECD survey on the methods of valuation of shares and other equity in financial accounts (OECD) - COM/STD/DAF(2010)4/REV1 - PPT
Chinese financial statistics (People's Bank of China) - Room document No 1
The committee on financial market (CMF) - Room document No 2
Cooperation with other International Organisations

Inter-Agency Group on Economic and Financial Statistics (for information)

Report of the work of the IAGEFS, the PGI, and futurs plans: presentation by Manik Shrestha, Statistics Department, IMF: 'report on the work of the Inter-Agency Group on Economic and Financial Statistics' - PPT


The securization process in OECD countries: summary of the main findings of the 2nd survey, by Beatriz Sanz, Bank of Spain - COM/STD/DAF(2009)11 - PPT

National presentations on the development of securitisation in OECD countries

The development of securitization in France and its apprehension in the financial statistics (Dominique Durant, Bank of France) - PPT

The UK securitization market:  recent developments, and possible recovery (Jenny Owladi, Bank of England) - PPT

Securitization in Ireland (Mary Cussen and Clive Jackson, Bank of Ireland) - PPT

Measuring securization in the Flow of Funds Accounts in Japan (Yoshiko Sato, Bank of Japan) -COM/STD/DAF(2009)7 - PPT

Securitization Activity in Canada: Market Developments (Allan Thomas, Statistics Canada) - COM/STD/DAF(2009)10 - PPT

Securitisation according to the BIS-ECB-IMF Handbook on Securities Statistics (Reimund Mink, ECB) -PPT

Valuation of Unquoted Shares

An update of the work carried out by the Task Force on the Valuation and Measurement of Equity and a proposal for a survey on the valuation of unquoted shares by Michèle Chavoix-Mannato, OECD, STD: "Valuation of Unquoted Shares - COM/STD/DAF(2009)3 - PPT

The method used to valuate unquoted shares

Valuation of shares and other equity in the Financial Accounts of the Spanish Economy: The discounted value of future profits (Begona Gutierrez del Olmo, Bank of Spain) - COM/STD/DAF(2009)8 - PPT

The 2008 Revision to the Market Value of Quoted and Unquoted  Shares of Corporate Equities in the U.S. Flow of Funds Accounts (Susan Hume McIntosch, FED, USA) - PPT

Estimation of the value of unquoted shares of enterprises in the public sector" (prepared by Ephraim Lifshitz) - COM/STD/DAF(2009)5

Financial Accounts and Financial Balance Sheets (FA and FBS): Financial indicators

Progress and future development regarding Financial Accounts and Financial Balance Sheets: main characteristics of the OECD Countries' accounts and proposal for a list of financial indicators, by Michèle Chavoix-Mannato, OECD/STD - COM/STD/DAF(2009)12 - PPT

Financial indicators developed in OECD countries

Canadian System of National Accounts (Patrick O’Hagan, Statistics Canada) - COM/STD/DAF(2009)13 - PPT

Eurostat financial database and what we can learn from it (Ismael Ahamdanech-Zarco, Eurostat) - PPT

Analyses based on specific indicators in the context of the financial crisis undertaken in OECD countries

-- The effects of household financial and real wealth on consumption: new evidence from OECD countries ( Riccardo Debonis, Bank of Italy) - COM/STD/DAF(2009)4 - PPT

-- Developing Financial Statistics for Policy (Graeme Walker, Office for National Statistics, United Kingdom) - COM/STD/DAF(2009)6 - PPT

-- A national accounts perspective on recent financial events (Allan Tomas, Statistics Canada) -COM/STD/DAF(2009)9 - PPT

-- Incorporation of Federal Reserve and Federal Government Financial Crisis Programs into the U.S. Flow of Funds Accounts (Susan Hume McIntosh, FED, USA) - PPT
Institutional Investors

Progress report on the data collection and methodology of non-financial assets and financial assets regarding Institutional Investors, by (Eun Jung Kim, OECD/STD) - PPT

Discrepancy between financial accounts and capital accounts (Hans Wouters, CBS Netherlands)

- Patrick O'Hagan (Canada) STD/CSTAT/WPNA(2008)24 - PPT

- Hans Wouters (Netherlands) - STD/CSTAT/WPNA(2008)3 - PPT

- Susan Hume McIntosh (USA) - room document - PPT

The state of art of the work on securitisation, in the European System of Central Banks (Jean-Marc Israel, ECB) - COM/STD/DAF(2008)7 - PPT

The state of art of the work on securitisation in the OECD countries (Beatriz Sanz, Bank of Spain):

-- updated version of the last year paper (a short reference) - COM/STD/DAF(2008)8 - PPT

-- discussion of the new questionnaire  - COM/STD/DAF(2008)10

Proposals for a revision of OECD banking statistics and indicators (based on IAI/IFRS and IMF/FSI) (H. Atasoy, consultant and M. Chavoix-Mannato, OECD) - COM/STD/DAF(2008)9 - PPT

Report on the OECD Financial Accounts databases: current situation and replies to the quality survey (M. Chavoix-Mannato, OECD) - COM/STD/DAF(2008)1  -  PPT

National balance sheets in Israel: methods and uses (Noemi Frisch Zachman, Central Bureau of Statistics, Israel) - COM/STD/DAF(2008)2 - PPT

National wealth and financial development – a secular view (Teresa Sbano, Pioneer Investments) - COM/STD/DAF(2008)3 - PPT

Results of the survey on Securitization (B. Sanz, Bank of Spain) - COM/STD/DAF(2007)9 - PPT 
The statistical treatment of securisation vehicles (M. Lyon and C. Wright, Bank of England) - COM/STD/DAF(2007)3 - PPT

The statistical treatment of financial vehicle corporations in the draft SNA93 Rev.1 (R. Mink, ECB) - PPT

Data quality issues regarding the production and release of revaluation accounts and other changes in volume accounts in long terme securities (J. Guérin, Banque de France) - COM/STD/DAF(2007)5 - PPT
Revaluations and of other changes in volume for the Norvegian financial account – methods and sources (Bank of Norway) - COM/STD/DAF(2007)2

Report on data quality issues regarding the production of information on financial derivatives (one or two OECD countries)
 – information on financial derivatives (D. Marionnet, Banque de France) - PPT
– information on financial derivatives (P. De Rita, Bank of Italy) - COM/STD/DAF(2007)4 - PPT
– information on financial derivatives (D. Cullen, ABS -Australia) - COM/STD/DAF(2007)10 - PPT

Concessional debt - STD/NAES(2005)3
Report from the moderator of the IMF EDG on non performing loans (Adriaan Bloem, IMF) (2004) - PPT
Repurchase agreements:  final report of moderator (John Joisce, IMF) - STD/NAES/FA(2004)3
Report from the moderator of the IMF EDG on non performing loans (IMF) STD/NAES(2003)22 
External debt of developing countries (D. Guz, OECD) (2003) [oral report] - PPT
The financial structures of European countries (Italy) - Room document 15 [2002] 
The measurement of unquoted shares (Eurostat) - STD/NA(2002)21
Valuing unlisted shares: the contribution of the INSEE financial links survey (INSEE) - STD/NA(2002)34 - PPT - M. Bloem - PPT - M. Picart 

12 - Financial Services

EDG Financial Services (A. Nordin)
EDG Non-Life Insurance (F. Lequiller)

An enhanced methodology of compiling financial - STD/CSTAT/WPNA(2008)4 -PPT

intermediation services indirectly measured (ECB)

Eurostat - room document/strong>

Final report of the task force on financial services [P. Stauffer, OFS - Switzerland] - STD/NAES(2005)4 
Measuring the production of financial corporation:
Current developments in the allocation of FISIM:
- the recent change in the US accounts (BEA) - STD/NAES(2003)20
- the plan for change in Japan (ESRI) - STD/NAES(2003)15 
- the European regulation of FISIM (Eurostat) - STD/NAES(2003)13
Firs report of the task force on financial statistics (OECD) - STD/NA(2002)19 - PPT - P. Schreyer - PPT - P. Stauffer
Comments on the treatment of holding gains and losses in the national accounts (United States) - STD/NA(2001)27
What services for what society? How should the services provided by financial intermediaries in a modern society be measured? (Switzerland) - STD/NA(2001)13
A note on the calculation of FISIM in Korea (Korea) - STD/NA(2000)39


13 - General government accounts

OECD database on public corporations (OECD) - STD/CSTAT/WPNA(2010)19 - PPT
Classification of payments to deposit insurance and financial stability schemes (CTP/OECD) - STD/CSTAT/WPNA(2010)21 - PPT
Recording government actions taken in response to the global financial crisis in the NA (OECD) - STD/CSTAT/WPNA(2010)1 - PPT
IMF work on government finance and public sector statistics, Manik Lal Shrestha, IMF - PPT

Survey on classification practice of public enterprises [J.P. Dupuis, OECD] - STD/NAES(2005)19
Public-Private partnerships (including BOOT schemes) [C. Aspden, OECD] - STD/NAES(2005)11 -PPT
Privatisations and SPVs [J.P. Dupuis, OECD] - STD/NAES(2005)5
Earnings and funding of public corporations [P. de Rougemont, Eurostat] - STD/NAES(2005)7
Progress report from the chair of the Task Force on Harmonisation of Public Sector Accounts (J.P. Dupuis, OECD) (2004) - PPT
Tax revenues and tax credits (Jean Pierre Dupuis, OECD) - STD/NAES(2004)9
Government/public sector/private sector - delineation issues (G. Jenkinson - ONS/UK) - STD/NAES(2004)10 
Accrual of earnings on equity stakes of government into public corporations in t10he SNA (P. de Rougemont - EUROSTAT) - STD/NAES(2004)11
The joint project for harmonizing international standards on general government accounts (J.P. Dupuis, OECD) (2003)  [oral report] - PowerPoint: PPT: M. Lalibert1é
The situation of general government data in the OECD national accounts database - STD/NAES(2003)19 
Comparability of the perimeter of general government: 
- classification of universities (OECD) - STD/NAES(2003)4
- the situation in the UK (ONS) - STD/NAES(2003)7
- the italian general government sector (ISTAT) - STD/NAES(2003)16
Public nature of funds accumulated in Polish open pension funds (CSO - Poland) - STD/NAES(2003) room doc2
Final recommendations on taxes on holding gains  (2003) (F. Lequiller, OECD) - PPT
New definition of general government total expenditures (OECD) - STD/NA(2002)13

14 - Household wealth

Changing profile of household credit & deposit in indian banking system (Reserve Bank of India) - COM/STD/DAF(2010)8 - PPT
Recent work by the New York FED on household debt using credit bureau data (Federal Reserve - USA) -COM/STD/DAF(2010)10  - PPT

A micro-macro approach to household wealth - danish experiences (Danmarks Statistik) -PPT
Holdings of equity by households in Austria derived from register data (Osterreichische Nationalbank) -COM/STD/DAF(2010)9 - PPT
Household' investments: direct and indirectly held equity (Federal Reserve - USA) - COM/STD/DAF(2010)7 - PPT
Household financial assets: how did they fare accross the financial crisis? (De Nederlandsche Bank) - PPT
Analysis of the real assets of households in Italy and in other countries (Banca d'Italia) - PPT
Household' investments: the financing of economy perspective and the risk analysis perspective (Banque de France) - COM/STD/DAF(2010)6 - PPT
Progress report on the data collection and methodology of non-financial assets and financial assets and liabilities regarding Households (Isabelle Ynesta, OECD, STD) - PPT

Refinement of the structure of Household Balance Sheet in South Africa (Karen Kuhn - South African Reserve Bank) - PPT

Progress report on the OECD Household Assets database and possible uses of this data collection (I. Ynesta, OECD) - COM/STD/DAF(2008)11 - PPT

Analysis of the wealth of households in OECD countries (countries’ contributions):

Do Financial Systems Converge? New Evidence from Household Financial Assets in the Main OECD Countries (R. De Bonis, Bank of Italy)-COM/STD/DAF(2008)4 - PPT

The Analysis of Household Wealth and Associated Risks with and beyond National Accounts (D. Marionnet and J. Guérin, Banque de France)- COM/STD/DAF(2008)5 - PPT

Importance of Measuring Household Liability Details and Net Worth (S. Hume McIntosh, US Federal Reserve Board) - PPT


15 - Input-output

OECD Databases

The OECD's Input-Output database (Norihiko Yamano - OECD) -PPT

The SNA93 definition of basic prices with particular reference to transport margins: is the SNA definition flawed? (Australia) - STD/NA(2001)11

16 - Insurance

Report of the task force on insurance and catastrophe: final recommendations (OECD) - STD/NAES(2003)2 
First report of the task force on insurance (OECD) - STD/NA(2002)6

17 - Interest


18 - ITC measurement

EDG Software (F. Lequiller)
Report on software (Charles Aspden, OECD) - STD/NAES(2004)22
The 2004 survey on implementation of recommendations on software [oral report] (2003) - PowerPoint: M. Lequiller
Final report of the task force on software measurement in the national accounts (OECD) - STD/NA(2002)2 Lessons from the software task force (OECD) - STD/NA(2002)3

19 - Miscellaneous

Which way forward for the national accounts? (INSEE) - PPT
Quarterly national accounts and economic policy in Korea (Bank of Korea) - STD/CSTAT/WPNA(2010)4 - PPT
International transactions in IPPs within multinationals - a proposal for an expert group (OECD) - STD/CSTAT/WPNA(2010)12
National accounts implications of the financial crises (II) (Albert Braakman - Germany) - PPT


20 - Non-financial assets, intangibles, R&D, capital stock & services

Estimating intellectual property assets in the Netherlands (CBS) - STD/CSTAT/WPNA(2010)8 - PPT
Measuring stocks of non-financial assets by sector and net worth (CBS) - STD/CSTAT/WPNA(2010)2 - PPT
Handbook on Deriving Capital Measures of Intellectual Property Products

Main conclusions and recommendations of the Handbook (Nadim Ahmad - OECD) - STD/CSTAT/WPNA(2009)3 - PPT

Survey on estimates of land (OECD) - STD/CSTAT/WPNA(2008)6 - PPT

Survey on estimates of subsoil assets (OECD) - STD/CSTAT/WPNA(2008)7 - PPT

Estimating buildings, other structures and land in the perspective of compiling balance sheets by institutional sector (ISTAT) - STD/CSTAT/WPNA(2008)8 - PPT

The japanese projects on the measurement of assets (Japan) - STD/CSTAT//WPNA(2008)9

Handbook on measurement of intellectual property products (OECD) - STD/CSTAT/WPNA(2008)10 - PPT

Survey on treatment of software (Jiemin GUO - OECD) - STD/CSTAT/WPNA(2008)11 - PPT

Update of OECD handbook on measuring capital (,P. Schreyer, OECD) - WPNA 2007/2 - item 6 - PPT

Survey on estimation of land and structures (C. Aspden, OECD) - (STD/CSTAT/WPNA(2007)8 available on OLIS only - PPT

Country experiences in estimating households’ non financial assets:

--  Australia (C. Obst, ABS) - STD/CSTAT/WPNA(2007)16 - PPT  Australia

--  Canada (P. O'Hagan, Statistics Canada) - STD/CSTAT/WPNA(2007)18 - PPT Canada

--  Germany (O. Schmalwasser, Federal Statistical Office and M.P. Radke, Deutsche Bundesbank) - STD/CSTAT/WPNA(2007)10 - PPT Germany

OECD handbook on the measurement of intellectual property (C. Aspden, OECD) - STD/CSTAT/WPNA(2007)7 - PPT OECD
Handbook on measuring intellectual property products:  draft chapter on meneral exploration and evaluation (C. Obst, ABS) - STD/CSTAT/WPNA(2007)17 - PPT Australia

Country experiences in developing satellite accounts for R&D:

--  United States (Bureau of Economic Analysis) - Room document - PDF - PPT  BEA
--  Netherlands (Central Bureau of Statistics) - STD/CSTAT/WPNA(2007)14 - PPT  Netherlands

Capitalization of research and development:  report R&D task force (OECD) - STD/CSTAT/WPNA(2006)11
Capitalization of research and development: country experiences (satellite accounts, surveys, first estimates). (USA, Israel) - STD/CSTAT/WPNA(2006)1 - STD/CSTAT/WPNA(2006)15 
Asset boundary of non-produced intangible assets and other intangible assets [C. Aspden, OECD] - STD/NAES(2005)14
Definition of economic assets [A. Harrison, editor SNA review] - STD/NAES(2005)15
Amortisation of non-produced assets [C. Aspden, OECD] - STD/NAES(2005)12
Licenses and leases [A. Harrison, editor SNA review] - STD/NAES(2005)10
Progress report of Canberra II group (Charles Aspden, OECD) (2004) - PPT C. Aspden
Treatment of originals and copies (Nadim Ahmad, OECD) - STD/NAES(2004)2
Databases (Nadim Ahmad, OECD) - STD/NAES(2004)1
Introducing capital services into the production accounts (Nadim Ahmad, OECD) - STD/NAES(2004)15
Mineral exploration (Anne Harrison, OECD) - STD/NAES(2004)17
Treatment of land and cultivated assets (Charles Aspden, OECD) - STD/NAES(2004)3
National accounting treatment of mobile phone licences (2001)
Measurement of capital services: preliminary results for eight OECD countries (OECD) - STD/NA(2001)20
Experimental estimates of human capital for Australia (Australia) - STD/NA(2001)16
Bridging the GAP between R&D data and national accounts (OECD) - STD/NA(2001)9
Permits and intangible assets (United Kingdom) - STD/NA(2001)24
Intangible assets (France) - STD/NA(2001)37
Asset characteristics and consequences for national accounts (OECD) - STD/NA(2001)38
Report of the special ISWGNA meeting on the treatment of mobile phone licences; and some questions (OECD) - STD/NA(2000)13
The treatment of payments for mobile phone licences in the national accounts (UK) - STD/NA(2000)14
The treatment of sales of mobile phone licenses in the national accounts (IMF) - STD/NA(2000)15

21 - Non-market output

Draft Handbook on volume measures for health and education services(OECD) - STD/CSTAT/WPNA(2008)12 - PPT

New method for deflation of hospital services (Germany) - STD/CSTAT/WPNA(2008)13 - PPT

Results of the feasibility study for a volume method including a direct outcome based quality correction for secondary education (Netherlands) - STD/CSTAT/WPNA(2008)14  - PPT

Comparision of input and output-based volume measures of education (Italy) - STD/CSTAT/WPNA(2008)15 - PPT

Volume measures on health and education (Ricardo M. de Moraes, Brazil) - STD/CSTAT/WPNA(2008)16 - PPT

Report Taskforce on Health PPPs (OECD) - PPT - OECD/ELS

OECD handbook on the measurement of volume output of health and education (P. Schreyer, OECD) - STD/CSTAT/WPNA(2007)3 - PPT OECD

Report of the UK Atkinson review on non market output (Tony Atkinson United Kingdom)  (2004) - only available on line - PPT - T. Atkinson
Lessons from the UK Atkinson review (François lequiller, OECD) - STD/NAES(2004)21

22 - Other international statistical manuals

Report on the BIS-ECB-IMF handbook on securities: debt securities holdings (R. Mink) - PPT
An information note on updating the fifth edition of the IMF's balance of payment manual - STD/NAES(2003)5 
The OECD glossary of statistical terms (OECD) STD/NA(2002)15
Manual of NPIs (France) STD/NA(2002)38

 23 - Pension funds

Accounting for pensions: the canadian pension satellite account (Statistics Canada) - COM/STD/DAF(2010)18 - PPT
The Canadian satellite account for pensions (P. O'Hagan, Statistics Canada) - STD/CSTAT/WPNA(2007)23 - PPT - Canada

Report of EU task force and implementation of supplementary table (R. Mink, European Central Bank) - STD/CSTAT/WPNA(2007)12 - PPT ECB

Report from the special task force [moderators] (2005) - PPT
Employer retirement schemes [R. Walton, R. Mink - UK/ECB] - STD/NAES(2005)20
Pension schemes (Adriaan Bloem, IMF) (2004) - powerpoint F. Lequiller - powerpoint A. Bloem
Accounting for implicit pension liabilites (4.6/04)
- Contribution of OECD/ECO:   word document
- Contribution of IMF/OECD-STD:   word document
- Contribution of UK/ABS:  PPT

 24 - PPP & national accounts


25 - Revisions, balancing methods


26 - Satellite accounts, sustainable development

Carbon dioxide emissions embodied in final consumption (OECD) - PPT
Report on the OECD green growth strategy and green growth indicators (OECD) - PPT
CO2 emissions from economic circuit in France: up to carbon footprint of final consumption by groups of households (INSEE) - PPT
Country experiences in satellite environment accounting:

--  Netherlands (Central Bureau of Statistics) - STD/CSTAT/WPNA(2007)20 - PPT Netherlands
--  Japan Regional Hybrid Environment Accounts (ESRI) - STD/CSTAT/WPNA(2007)13 -
Australia: ICT satellite accounts (Australia) - STD/CSTAT/WPNA(2006)4 - STD/CSTAT/WPNA/RD(2006)2
Country experiences in dealing with the NPISH sector (Japan) - STD/CSTAT/WPNA(2006)13

27 - Savings


28 - SNA implementation & revision, international comparability, ISWGNA

The international FISIM task force - aims and objectives (ABS) - STD/CSTAT/WPNA(2010)3 - PPT presentation (ECB) - PPT
The OECD-EUROSTAT task force on measurement of emission allowances and permits in the NA (OECD) - STD/CSTAT/WPNA(2010)15 - PPT
Goods for processing (OECD) - STD/CSTAT/WPNA(2010)11
Progress report on compiling SNA 2008 table 17.10 for Australia (ABS) - COM/STD/DAF(2010)19 - PPT
Roadmap for the implementation of SNA 2008 in Korea (Bank of Korea) - STD/CSTAT/WPNA(2010)5 - PPT
Implementation of SNA 2008 in the financial accounts: the australian     experience (ABS) - COM/STD/DAF(2010)17 - PPT
Presentation of the SNA research agenda and roundtable discussion on priorities and timing for future work (Nadim Ahmad - OECD) - STD/CSTAT/WPNA(2009)7 - PPT

OECD-Eurostat Task Force on the treatment of Emission Permits in the National Accounts

Feedback, and a draft report, from the OECD-Eurostat Task Force, presenting the main options (Nadim Ahmad - OECD) - STD/CSTAT/WPNA(2009)8 - PPT
SNA Review - PPT P. McCarthy
- Progress report SNA Manager - PPT OECD

- Update on implementation plans - PPT UNSD

Progress report SNA review (Project manager and editor) - PPT  Carson
Implementation plans (G. Gueye, Eurostat - C. Aspden, OECD) - STD/CSTAT/WPNA(2007)11 - PPT Eurostat - PPT OECD
Developments of national accounts in emerging countries

--  Brasil (R. Olinto, Statistical Office) - STD/CSTAT/WPNA(2007)22 - PPT Brazil
--  India (S. Sharma, Ministry of Statistics) - STD/CSTAT/WPNA(2007)5 - PPT India

--  Chile (C. Escobar, Bank of Chile) - STD/CSTAT/WPNA(2007)21/REV1 - PPT Chile

The new Chinese national accounts (China) - STD/CSTAT(2006)5 
Progress report (Project manager, SNA review) and Results of the survey on implementation of ISIC and SNA 1993 Rev 1 (OECD) - STD/CSTAT/WPNA(2006)5 
Progress report on the review of the SNA:  decisions taken at the July 2005 meeting of the AEG and agenda of the next AEG meeting [C. Carson, SNA review project manager] - PPT

29 - Stock options

The treatment of stock options in the national accounts (Eurostat) - STD/NA(2002)22

30 - Transfer costs

Ownership transfer costs (Charles Aspden, OECD) - STD/NAES(2004)14

31 - Underground economy

The estimation of the cash economy in Australia (ABS) - STD/NAES(2003)26
Empirical procedure in measuring non-observed economy in GDP estimates (Greece) - STD/NA(2000)19
Macroeconomic approach to the estimate of the underground economy (Italy) - STD/NA(2000)20
Handbook on "The non-observed economy" (OECD) - STD/NA(2000)21


32 - Volume estimates & productivity

The OECD's Productivity manual (OECD) - STD/NA(2000)28

33 - Commission on the measurement of economic performance

From GDP to adjusted net houshold income - a decomposition analysis (OECD) - PPT
OECD expert group to measure disparities in a NA framework (OECD) - PPT
Households and income:
- measuring the impact of social transfers in kind of income and consumption distribution in Israel (CBS) - STD/CSTAT/WPNA(2010)13 - PPT
- mesuaring non-market household production: estimates & methodology (Economic & Social Research Institut - Japan) - STD/CSTAT/WPNA(2010)17 - PPT -- (OECD) - STD/CSTAT/WPNA(2010)9 - PPT
Household income accounts by income decile (Maryse Faisseau - Insee) - STD/CSTAT/WPNA(2009)13 - PPT

Report by the ‘Commission on the measurement of economic performance and social progress’ (Stiglitz Commission) - Stiglitz Commission Website

- J.P. Chapron - Insee - PPT

- Michael Davis - ABS -PPT

GDP and beyond – recent developments:

- Update on Commission on the measurement of economic performance and social progress (Stiglitz Commission) (Jean-Etienne Chapron, INSEE)- Stiglitz Commission paper - PPT INSEE

- Reconciling micro and macro estimates of household disposable income (OECD)- STD/CSTAT/WPNA(2008)2


34 - Accession process

Feedback from the review of Accession country reports  (Tim Davis - OECD) -  PPT
Review of national accounts in accession countries (OECD)- STD/CSTAT/WPNA(2008)1 - PPT

35 - Institutional sector accounts
The ECP's contribution to the OECD-IMF conference on quarterly sector accounts (ECB) - PPT
Quarterly statistics in OECD databases: report on the availability and timeliness of quarterly data (OECD) - PPT - PPT
OECD-IMF conference on strengthening the position and flow data on the sectoral accounts (IMF) - COM/STD/DAF(2010)21 - PPT
Flow of funds and balance sheet - integrated presentation and analysis of sector accounts data in Austria (Oesterreichische Nationalbank) - COM/STD/DAF(2010)20 - PPT
Preliminary results of the chilean project on institutional quarterly accounts, with a special emphasis on the effects of the recent crisis (Central Bank of Chile) - COM/STD/DAF(2010)16 - PPT


36 - Securitisation

Summary record of the workshop (held in Madrid on 28/29 May 2010) - COM/STD/DAF(2010)3  -  PPT
Korea's compilation method for securitisation (Bank of Korea) - COM/STD/DAF(2010)2 - PPT


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