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Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and other OECD annual national accounts statistics


In our National Accounts database you can find a wide range of up-to-date statistics such as GDP, GDP per head, investment, national disposable income, households’ consumption, households’ assets, government expenditure, government debt or government deficit.


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More data: Gross domestic product (GDP): the database


More data: National disposable income and net lending - net borrowing: the database  



 Accounts by institutional sector (total economy, corporations, general government, and households) 


General government accounts


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The publications

  • The National Accounts of OECD Countries, Main Aggregates covers expenditure-based GDP, output-based GDP, income-based GDP, disposable income, saving and net lending, population and employment. It includes also comparative tables based on purchasing power parities and exchange rates. Data are shown for 34 OECD countries and the Euro area. Country tables are expressed in national currency. 
  • The National Accounts of OECD Countries, Detailed Tables includes, in addition to main aggregates, final consumption expenditure of households by purpose, simplified accounts for three main sectors: general government, corporations and households. Data are shown for 34 OECD countries and the Euro area. Country tables are expressed in national currency.
  • ‌The National Accounts of OECD Countries: General Government Accounts is dedicated to government finance. It shows government aggregates and balances for the production, income and financial accounts as well as detailed tax and social contribution receipts and a breakdown of expenditure of general government by function, according to the harmonized international classification, COFOG. These detailed accounts are available for the general government sector and the following sub-sectors, according to availability: central government, state government, local government and social security funds.

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