Leading indicators and tendency surveys

Papers: Joint EU - OECD Workshop on Business and Consumer Tendency Surveys, Brussels, 14 - 15 November 2005


Session 1

Paper 1: Relationship between response rates and data collection methods (24 pages)
Paper 1: Appendix (16 pages)

Paper 2: Business surveys in South Africa: testing the ground for internet-based surveys keeping the impact on response rates in mind (20 pages)

Paper 3: Why is the response rate of the TANKAN high? (28 pages) (note: a Japanese font is necessary to print this paper)

Paper 4: Assessing and minimising the impact of non-response of survey estimates (13 pages)

Paper 5: Adjusting for non-response: constant-sample method in French business surveys (9 pages)

Session 2

Paper 1: Efficient sample design and weighting methodologies (24 pages)

Paper 2: Identification and assessment of recommended practices for the design of internet surveys (33 pages)

Session 3

OECD Business Tendency and Consumer Opinion Surveys Portal:

Paper 1: Calculation of normalised business and consumer confidence indicators and OECD and Non-OECD area aggregates (OECD Total, Major 7, Big 6 Non-OECD, World proxy) (20 pages)

Session 4

Paper 1: Building up a real sector business confidence index for Turkey (47 pages)

Paper 2: The usefulness of survey measures from a reseach and policy perspective (forthcoming)

Session 5

Paper 1: Performance of seasonal adjustment procedures: simulation and empirical results (52 pages)

Session 6

Paper 1: Individual responses to BTS and the forecasting of manufactured production (43 pages)

Paper 2: Quantified perceived and expected inflation in the Euro Area - how incentives improve consumers inflation forecasts (23 pages)

Paper 3: Indicator of economic sentiment and confidence indicator in services (9 pages)

Paper 4: Composite indicators in the business tendency surveys: Practice of Central Statistical Office of Poland and European Commission (23 pages)

Paper 5: Comparison of national versus European Commission confidence indicators (16 pages)

Room Documents

Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey: Consumer Confidence Index for Turkey

Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic: Business Survey and Short-Term Projection




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