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9th Joint EC/OECD Workshop on recent developments in Business and Consumer Surveys, 14-15 November 2019, OECD Boulogne, France


The OECD and the European Commission (EC) will host the 9th Joint EC/OECD Workshop on recent developments in Business and Consumer Surveys.  


  14-15 November 2019 |  OECD Boulogne, Boulogne-Billancourt (Paris), France 


Objective of Workshop

The 2-day joint EC-OECD workshop provides a forum to exchange knowledge and discuss the current challenges and prospects in the field. It also aims to foster the harmonisation and promote the use of Business and Consumer Surveys.

The first half day of the workshop will be a joint session with the CIRET Workshop, focusing on the use of economic tendency surveys to assess potential growth and the position of economies in the business cycle. Please refer to the CIRET website should you be interested in attending the whole CIRET workshop.

Topics for discussion at the workshop

  • New harmonised EU BCS question on uncertainty
  • Future of the EU BCS Investment survey
  • Applications of survey data:
    • Survey-based measures of the output gap, potential growth and productivity
  • Implementation of new BCS metrics to capture increasingly globalised and digitalised aspects of the production process
  • Compilation of (national) composite indicators
  • Other applications of survey data
  • Survey methodology:
    • Exploring new sampling techniques using digital technology (e.g. online surveys)
    • New ways to summarise, analyse and disseminate results
    • Uses of big data and other innovative data sources as a complement to survey data
    • Sampling framework and methods
    • Other methodological considerations 

The workshop will also offer the opportunity to share experiences among national compilers including, but not limited to, the use of national specific questions, the elaboration of national indices, the sampling framework and methods, surveying technique, scales.



Organisation of Workshop

Attendance to the workshop is restricted to invited delegates only. 
Please make sure to have a MyOECD account in order to access to the Workshop protected webpages; see instructions on how to register (PDF).


Should you experience any problem in accessing the website on “Practical information, agenda and related documents”, please send a message to



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