Labour statistics

Work on Employment policies


>> The Restated OECD Jobs Strategy put forward four lines of action to boost jobs and incomes: i) implementing stability-oriented macroeconomic policies ii) reforming taxes and welfare benefits iii) tackling labour-market obstacles to employment while providing adequate security to workers and iv) enhancing workers’ skills.

>> The
OECD Employment Outlook , our annual flagship publication, presents the OECD's latest review of labour market trends. It provides in-depth analyses of policies and institutions governing the functioning of OECD labour markets. It also monitors countries’ employment reforms and builds policy indicators.

 >> Our Thematic Reviews provide country-specific analyses and tailored policy recommendations on key areas such as:


>> Finally, little is known about the key skills needed to cope successfully with rapid technological change and globalisation. Our   Programme for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies (PIAAC)  aims to fill this knowledge gap by developing a new international survey to assess adult literacy and numeracy both between groups and across countries; measure skills required in jobs; and examine policy drivers of skill acquisition and loss.



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