International trade and balance of payments statistics

International trade in services: questionnaires and information


OECD countries are requested every year by the OECD Statistics Directorate, in December, to update the BPM6/Extended Balance of Payments Services Classification, EBOPS 2010, questionnaires. The questionnaires ask for the following information: 

  • Detailed international trade in services by partner country, and including partner world, for the full extended EBOPS 2010 classification. 

Countries are also requested to update a metadata file, on their compilation of international trade in services statistics, as prepared by the Task Force on International Trade Statistics (TFITS) and according to the EBOPS 2010 methodological standards (click here to see the metadata questionnaire in Word format). This metadata questionnaire is also used by Eurostat to collect international trade in services metadata from EU Member States.


Download the questionnaires


Reporting International Trade in Services to the OECD in SDMX format 

The OECD actively promotes the use of SDMX as an efficient data transmission mechanism. A Word document describing how to report international trade in services statistics to the OECD in SDMX format can be found here

The SDMX “BPM6_ITS_A” data flow which corresponds to the data requested in the OECD EBOPS 2010 questionnaire, using the codes of the BOP-DSD, is available here in Excel format.


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