Statistics and Data Directorate

Entrepreneurship Indicators Steering Group Meeting, 5th - 6th December 2006, Rome



Tuesday, 5th of December 2006, beginning at 10h00

Item 1: Welcoming remarks (10h00 - 10h15)

Mariarosa Lunati, Centre for Entrepreneurship, SMEs and Local Development, OECD
Manlio Calzaroni, Director of Administrative Archives, Data and Statistical Registers, ISTAT

Item 2: Project governance  (10h15-10h30)

Mandate, Mission, Goals and Work of the Steering Group, Presentation (PowerPoint)
Tim Davis, Statistics Directorate, OECD
The Committee is invited to discuss and approve the governance of the Steering Group, its
mandate, mission, goals and operational arrangements.

Item 3: Election of the Bureau (10h30 - 11h00)

The Committee is asked  to elect its Chair and Vice-chair for the next year
Adoption of the Draft Agenda
Action: The Steering Group is invited to ADOPT the Draft Annotated Agenda

Item 4: Entrepreneurship Indicators Project (EIP) Work Program (11h00 - 12h00)

Background and overview of plans for the EIPPresentation (PowerPoint)
EIP Work Program 2006-2008, Presentation (PowerPoint)
Tim Davis, Statistics Directorate, OECD
The Committee is invited to discuss and approve the work programme of the EIP.

Lunch Break 12.30-14:00

Item 5: Current Entrepreneurship Data Activities in the Member Countries: A Roundtable (13h30 - 16h00)

The Danish Model for Entrepreneurship Analysis, Presentation (PowerPoint)
Anders Hoffmann, Creative Director, FORA, Danish Ministry of Economic and
Business Affairs

A Profile of Sources of Data on Entrepreneurship in the United States (pdf)
Matrix (pdf), Presentation (PowerPoint)
Rick Clayton, Chief, Division of Administrative Statistics and Labor Turnover
Bureau of Labor Statistics

Evidence based policy on Entrepreneurship in the UK, Presentation (PowerPoint)
Ian Kay, Small Business Service (SBS) Analytical Unit

Other International Entrepreneurship Data Sets, Presentation (PowerPoint)
Julia gauch, Statistics Directorate, OECD

Members of the Steering Group are invited to discuss the previous presentations and share their national experiences, if not expressed yet.

Item 6: Indicators priorities (16h00 - 16h30)

Lists of potential Indicators and discussion of Priority Setting
Tim Davis and Julia Gauch, Statistics Directorate, OECD.
The Steering Group Members are invited to express their opinion and priorities for entrepreneurship indicators
Discussant : Richard Seymour, Lecturer in International Entrepreneurship, Business School, The University of Sydney

Item 7:  Current Entrepreneurship Data Activities at the OECD (16h30 - 17h30)

A Framework for Business Demography StatisticsPresentation (PowerPoint)       
Nadim Ahmad, Statistics Directorate, OECD

Definitions and Data on High Growth Entrepreneurship, Presentation (PowerPoint)
Eric Gonnard and Nadim Ahmad, Statistics Directorate, OECD

Wednesday, 6th of December 2006,  9h00 to 12h30

Item 8:  Micro Data and Entrepreneurship (9h00 - 10h00)

Business Statistics and Micro-data: What future for Entrepreneurship Data?
Presentation (PowerPoint)
Nadim AHMAD, Statistics Directorate, OECD

Introducing the practices of the Research Laboratory in Finland (pdf), Presentation (PowerPoint)
Satu Nurmi, Head of Research, Structural Business Statistics, Statistics Finland

Item 9:  Assembling existing data (10h - 11h15)

Inventory of Entrepreneurship Data in Member Countries: Possible Survey of NSOs and Entrepreneurship Policy Bodies
Eric Gonnard, Statistics Directorate, OECD
The Steering Group Members are invited to discuss various possibilities for collecting additional information on existing data sources and give advice on potential questions.

Item 10: Funding and sponsorship sources (10h30 - 11h15)

Presentation of a draft “Brochure on the EIP” and discussion of potential approaches for raising awareness and obtaining additional sponsorship funds, Presentation (PowerPoint)
Tim Davis, Statistics Directorate, OECD.
The Steering Group Members are invited to assess the current sources of funding used by the OECD, to discuss potential approaches for raising awareness and securing additional sponsorship funds.

Item 11: General discussion, questions and follow-up (11h15 - 12h30)

The main topics of the seminar will be summarized and a list of questions will be proposed to the countries. Action items for follow-up will be established and the organisation of the next meeting will be discussed.


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