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Development of Interactive Electronic Questionnaires for use in Short-Term Statistics at Statistics Austria (2005)


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The following document describes the development of a new system for electronic raw data collection with a main focus on short-term statistics surveys at Statistics Austria.

Electronic Data Collection for Short-Term Statistics at Statistics Austria   (2002)

An update on the implementation of this system for the short-term production survey can be found at:

Experience from implementation of EDR for the short-term production survey (2005)

In 2002 retail trade companies were invited to use the internet each month as a reporting method in STS. After about one year 50 % of the reporting units are responding this way. Access to the interface can be obtained through:

This initiative is part of the broader project E-Quest which is described in the following paper:

E-Quest: A Metadata-Based System for Electronic Raw Data

An update on the implementation of this system at as February 2004 can be found at:

Saving time and money: web questionnaires from the assembly line (2004)

The e-Quest system can also be seen online at:

In addition, information on web questionnaires that were developed for short-term economic statistics surveys and have been operative since January 2005 can be found at:



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