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Structural and Demographic Business Statistics (SDBS), OECD


The OECD Structural and Demographic Business Statistics (SDBS) database is an essential tool for analysing the industrial structure and dynamics of OECD economies. It provides a wealth of information at a very detailed sectoral level including: turnover, value-added, production, operating surplus, employment, labour costs and investment to name but a few. The breakdown by industrial sector, including services, is supplemented by a further breakdown into size classes.

The database also includes business demography statistics, namely enterprise birth, death and survival rates as well as the number of high-growth enterprises and gazelles. The business demography dataset, in combination with the size class dimension dataset, provides an invaluable input to the OECD Entrepreneurship Indicators Programme (EIP).


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Structural Statistics on Industry and Services and  Business Statistics by Size Class

The OECD collects and disseminates a wide range of statistics on businesses and business activity. This database features a number of key variables, such as value added, operating surplus, employment, and the number of business units, for example, broken down by 4-digit International Standard of Industrial Classification (ISIC Revision 4) industry groups (including the service sector)), referred to as the Structural Statistics on Industry and Services (SSIS) database; and by size class; referred to as the Business Statistics by Size Class (BSC) database.


Business demography statistics

Demand for statistics on business demography has grown and developed considerably in recent years. Data on births and deaths of enterprises, their life expectancy and the important role they play in economic growth and productivity, as well as the information they provide for tackling social demographic issues, are increasingly requested by policy makers and analysts alike. The data in this database is presented in International Standard of Industrial Classification (ISIC Revision 4).



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