Entrepreneurship and business statistics

Measuring Determinants of Entrepreneurial Activity - the Area of R&D and Technology, Copenhagen, 30-31 October 2008


This workshop is organised by Eurostat and FORA and the results will input directly to the joint Eurostat-OECD Entrepreneurship Indicators Programme (EIP).


Since 2006 joint work between Eurostat and the OECD is breaking new ground in measuring entrepreneurship and its determinants. The first tangible result of this effort was the joint manual on business demography published in December 2007. It will be followed by a Handbook of Entrepreneurship Indicators and a publication of internationally-comparable indicators of countries' entrepreneurial performance is to be published later this year.


Work has also been undertaken on measuring the determinants of entrepreneurship. This event in Copenhagen is a part of this work. The workshop focuses on some of the key determinants of entrepreneurship, namely, R&D and technology.


The workshop has two objectives. First, to discuss the links between R&D and technology and entrepreneurial performance. Second, to agree upon a set of potential indicators under the entrepreneurship determinant area "R&D and Technology".


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