Entrepreneurship and business statistics

Indicators of entrepreneurial determinants


This page presents a comprehensive list of indicators of entrepreneurial determinants. The list draws from the reports "Quality Assessment of Entrepreneurship Indicators", prepared by FORA (Denmark). Indicators are classified into the six categories of determinants set by the OECD-Eurostat Entrepreneurship Indicators Programme (EIP).


While many critical factors affecting entrepreneurship are covered by these indicators, the list should not be considered as exhaustive. On the one side, the selection of indicators reflects the current availability of data, meaning that important indicators may be missing, for instance in the determinant area "access to finance", just because no source of international data was found. On the other side, research on entrepreneurship is still young, especially on topics such as the relationship between culture and entrepreneurship, with the result that appropriate indicators are yet to be identified.


1. Regulatory Framework   4. Creation and diffusion of knowledge
2. Market conditions   5. Entrepreneurial capabilities
3. Access to finance   6. Entrepreneurship culture


For each indicator, a short description and the source of data are provided.


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