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International Workshop on Women in Scientific Careers, Paris (France)


16-17 November 2005, Paris, France

The OECD and the French Ministry of Research hosted an international workshop on "Women in Scientific Careers" in Paris on 16th-17th of November 2005. Against a background of growing demand for S&T professionals and despite the increase in the number and share of  women among science and engineering graduates in many OECD countries, women remain under-represented in scientific and technical careers. In 2004, Science Ministers from 30 countries, including US, EU member states and Japan, asked the OECD to  identify the reasons for the gap between growing participation in higher education and the low share of women in the research workforce and to identify good policy practices for attracting, recruiting and retaining women in scientific careers. This workshop is part of the OECD's response to this Ministerial mandate and brought together representatives from academia, public sector research and the business community to share experience and draw lessons and recommendations for all stakeholders. 

Documents available

  • the workshop programme with participants presentations
  • the issues paper (pdf, Kb)


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