Regulatory policy

Regulatory Impact Assessment and Regulatory Oversight in Austria


The Government of Austria has an advanced regulatory policy system in place, with ex ante and ex post evaluation of regulations being mandatory since the introduction of the system of “Wirkungsorientierte Folgenabschätzung” (WFA) as part of a comprehensive system of Performance Orientation in 2013. However, a lack of analytical capacities and inter-ministerial co-ordination continue to pose challenges for regulatory quality and the current set-up for regulatory oversight bears a risk of overlapping and unclear functions.

This action plan outlines 10 priority areas for reform with concrete actions for improvement to the Austrian regulatory impact assessment and regulatory oversight system. The action plan was developed in close co-operation with relevant stakeholders and is based on OECD best practice, with examples of good regulatory practice internationally.


Read the report: Regulatory Impact Assessment and Regulatory Oversight in Austria 


For further information, please contact Daniel Trnka, Yola Thuerer and Richard Alcorn, OECD Regulatory Policy Division.


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