Regulatory policy

Comments received from the public on the Draft Recommendation


Below are those comments received on the OECD Draft Recommendation on Regulatory Policy and Governance which the authors authorised to be published on this website.


Ahmet A. Cilavdaroğlu, Prime Ministry of Turkey
Alfred Dolan, University of Toronto, & IECEE Task Force on Risk Management Medical Devices

Clive Grace, LBRO

Erin Weir, International Trade Union Confederation
Fabrizio Cafaggi and Colin Scott, HIIL project on transnational private regulation
Grant Belchamber, Australian Council of Trade Unions, Australia

Jaana Meklin, Finland
Jan van TolSummary Analysis of the Risk-Regulation Reflex, Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom relations
Lisa A. Robinson, Website:
Lorenzo Allio, Delia Rodrigo, allio|rodrigo consulting

Marie-Noëlle Loewe, European Affairs
Nicolas Wallart, Seco, Switzerland
Pekka Nurmi, Ministry of Justice, Law Drafting Department, Finland
Peter Heller, Business and Industry Advisory Committee

Richard Meads, European Risk Forum
Roger Bengtsson, Ministry of Enterprise, Energy and Communications, Sweden
Susan Page, Department of Finance and Deregulation, Australian Government
Valentin Nikonov, United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE)


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