Regulatory reform

Forum on competition and regulation: In pursuit of market efficiency




This forum showcased the results of co-operation between the Ministry of Economy of Mexico and OECD in matters of competition and regulation.


At the forum, Angel Gurria, OECD Secretary-General, presented two reports: Review of the Regulation of Freight Transport in Mexico and The Resolution of Competition cases by specialised and generalist courts: Stocktaking of international experiences.


The “Review of the Regulation of Freight Transport in Mexico”, prepared jointly with the International Transport Forum (ITF), reviews the major regulatory obstacles in the industry of freight transport in Mexico and offers recommendations based on best international practices. Canada, Germany and Australia shared their valuable experience in the freight transport industry during the review. This study covers the main transport sectors in Mexico: road, rail, air, aviation as well as border management.


The report on “The Resolution of Competition cases by specialised and generalist courts: Stocktaking of international experiences” provides a general perspective on experiences and best international practices on the role of courts in the application of competition policy. It highlights that specialisation can bring benefits such as efficiency, decision uniformity and better quality decisions.


Furthermore, during the forum, topics of competition and regulation were discussed, with the goal of presenting diagnosis and proposals of reform to allow the enhancement of market efficiency in Mexico. The following topics were discussed: 


The forum further discussed the following topics to enhance market efficiency in Mexico:

  • Competition and regulation: essential foundations for economic growth
  • Challenges and opportunities to improve freight transport regulation in Mexico
  • Government intervention: public policies neutral to competition
  • Competition policy and the role of the judicial power
  • New regulatory challenges to promote competition and efficiency in markets following technological change




OECD Regulatory Policy Division in Latin america @OCDE_RLAC

Manuel Gerardo Flores, Senior Economist, Regulatory Policy Division @M_GerardoFlores

Delia Vazquez, Policy Analyst, Regulatory Policy Division




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