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Rural-Urban Partnerships: An Integrated Approach to Economic Development


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Rural-Urban Partnerships: An Integrated Approach to Economic Development

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Urban and rural areas enjoy different and often complementary assets, and better integration between them is important for socio-economic performance. This report provides a framework to understand the changing relationships between urban and rural areas. It is focused on one approach that can enhance and better manage rural-urban relationships – the use of rural-urban partnerships.

Specifically, it documents the characteristics of these partnerships and the factors that can hinder as well as enable rural-urban co-operation. Different governance approaches to manage rural-urban relationships are identified and discussed.

Finally, recommendations are provided to help national, regional and local policy makers to build effective and sustainable rural-urban partnerships for better economic development.


Table of contents

  • Executive summary
  • Part I. Synthesis: Rural-Urban Partnerships - A tool for economic development
  • Chapter 1 Understanding rural-urban partnerships: context and definition
  • Chapter 2 Purposes and outcomes of rural-urban partnerships
  • Chapter 3 Taking a functional region approach to rural-urban partnership
  • Chapter 4 Understanding the dynamics of rural-urban partnership
  • Chapter 5 Creating a governance framework for rural-urban partnership
  • Chapter 6 A strategy to build effective rural-urban partnerships
  • Part II. Case Studies


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