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The OECD Working Party on Urban Policy (WPURB)


The work of the OECD on cities, urban policies and sustainable development aims to improve quality of life and achieve more inclusive societies in cities of all sizes, while addressing a range of issues – from managing urban expansion and congestion to encouraging innovation and environmental sustainability.


WPURB - About us


Under the OECD Regional Development Policy Committee (RDPC), the OECD Working Party on Urban Policy (WPURB) brings together national policymakers in charge of urban policy from OECD member and partner countries. Building on solid data and more than two decades of expertise on urban issues, the Working Party offers a unique international forum to debate common challenges and opportunities facing cities of all sizes, exchange concrete policy experiences and share innovative solutions that help shape a more resilient, sustainable and inclusive urban future.


The Working Party holds two official sessions per year, and works in close collaboration with several OECD-led policy forums including the OECD Champion Mayors initiative, the Roundtable of Mayors and Ministers, the OECD Roundtables on Cities and Regions for SDGs, Smart Cities, and Circular Economy. A Bureau is designated every year to steer its work.


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