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Rural Policy 3.0

Jeffrey Fisher

Rural Policy 3.0 is a mechanism to help national governments support rural economic development. It reflects several important changes in rural development: rural regions's evolvement into more diverse and complex socio-economic systems, less isolatation of government policies and more rigorous accountability standards and a better understanding of rural regions.

OECD Rural Policy Reviews

Jeffrey Fisher

This series presents comprehensive reviews of rural policy in individual countries as well as analytical reports on various aspects of rural policy.

Indigenous communities

Inga Wiktoria Pave

Vibrant Indigenous economies are fundamental to self-determination. There are approximately 38 million Indigenous peoples living in 13 OECD member countries. They make an important contribution to the culture, heritage, and economic development of these member countries.

Mining regions and cities

‌ Mining regions and cities

Regions and cities with a major presence of mining and resources industries are engines of national growth. With an expanding global demand for minerals, metals, oil and gas, they have the potential to attract investment and jobs. To fully exploit this potential, policies at all levels that take into account the well-being, environmental, and economic diversification needs are essential. 

OECD principles on rural policies

wheel of rural policy

The Principles for Rural Policy crystallise over 20 years of the OECD’s work on rural development and were developed through a comprehensive review process with OECD member countries and key stakeholders.

Rural Development Conferences

OECD Rural Development Conference

Since 2002, The OECD Rural Conference Series has provided a forum for key policy officials to engage in dialogue whilst strengthening existing networks and fostering knowledge-sharing on rural policy across the OECD.


3rd OECD meeting of Mining Regions and Cities, Skelleftea, Sweden
2nd OECD meeting of Mining Regions and Cities, Darwin, Australia
11th OECD Rural Development Conference: Enhancing Rural Innovation Edinburgh, Scotland (United Kingdom)
OECD meeting on Mining Regions: Building a network to enhance productivity and well-being, Antofagasta, Chile
Seminar on linking rural definitions and policy for coordinated rural development, Warsaw Poland
Preliminary presentation of the OECD Territorial Review in Northern Sparsely Populuated Areas, Stockholm Sweden
1st OECD Rural Development Conference 2015, Memphis, USA
Delivering Productivity and Competitiveness for Rural Areas, Paris, France 



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