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Regions at a Glance 2011


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The differences between countries are often not as great as the disparities within them.  OECD Regions at a Glance makes these differences across “places” apparent and unpacks what they imply for national performance and individual welfare. It does so by providing region-by-region indicators that help to identify areas that are outperforming or lagging behind in their country, as well as the OECD area.


This publication aims to provide evidence on the progress OECD regions have made towards more sustainable development, and to help policy makers identify which factors drive the competitive edge of regions and what local resources could be better mobilised to increase national growth and people’s well-being.


The publication presents 32 indicators, grouped under 3 broad themes


1.  Regions as drivers for competitiveness
2.  Inclusion and equal access to quality services in regions
3.  Environmental sustainability in regions and metropolitan areas


and examines trends across a wide range of policy fields, including:


  • Demography and migration
  • Economic growth
  • Employment and productivity
  • Knowledge-based activities
  • Education
  • Health care
  • Income
  • Environmental conditions


The publication includes comparisons with regional development dynamics in emerging economies and showcases the contribution of regions to stronger, fairer and cleaner economies.


 Executive summary

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 Interactive edition




This interactive edition of OECD Regions at a Glance unlocks the wealth of information behind this book to help you better see, understand and explore the range of data and findings that shape our regions.  This edition is visualised through the Regional eXplorer, a tool developed by NComVA.


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This latest edition contains 32 indicators


 Click here to access the indicators in PDF and Excel format on the OECD i-Library




Why regions matter -
Developing regional economic growth


Mark Drabenstott, former Chair of the Territorial Development Policy committee, talks about why regions matter.









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