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Japan-OECD Policy Forum on Urban Development and Green Growth




Cities have a unique role to play in creating synergies between environmental and economic objectives, which is essential to advancing “green growth” at national and global levels. Asian cities in particular are at the centre of this urban green growth challenge. Their development is characterised by rapid and continuous urbanisation on an unprecedented scale, with rapid economic growth led in most places by the manufacturing industry and rapidly increasing motorisation. The result has been escalating greenhouse gas emissions, sprawling urban development, inadequate infrastructure and local environmental impacts, as well as disparities in income, education levels and job opportunities in urban populations. This calls for urban green growth approaches that can take into account the specific and very diverse circumstances of Asian cities.

In the search for policy approaches that can promote sustainable urban growth, there are lessons that we can learn from across the OECD. Cities in Japan, in particular, have experienced rapid urbanisation and economic growth in the past and have accumulated policy experience and technologies that could be useful elsewhere. The Japan-OECD Policy Forum on Urban Development and Green Growth (14-16 October 2014, Tokyo, Japan) provides an opportunity to discuss policy options among Asian city leaders, government officials, international agencies and the business community. The three-day Forum consists of an expert meeting organised by OECD on its Urban Green Growth in Dynamic Asia project (14 October); a high-level policy roundtable jointly organised by MLIT and OECD (15 October) and a site visit arranged by MLIT to urban development practices in and around Tokyo (16 October).


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The Japan-OECD Policy Forum on Urban Development and Green Growth is organised as a commemorative event for the 50th Anniversary of Japan's Accession to the OECD. The event is also part of the OECD Knowledge Sharing Platform on Urban Green Growth in Dynamic Asia and is supported by the OECD Knowledge Sharing Alliance (KSA). It is also supported by the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO).



DAY ONE: Tuesday 14 October

Second Expert Meeting on the Urban Green Growth in Dynamic Asia Knowledge Sharing Platform How to facilitate action for urban green growth by effective use of knowledge sharing?


DAY TWO: Wednesday 15 October

High Level Policy Roundtable Sharing Japan’s experience on Transit-Oriented Development and other urban development practices with Asian cities

  • Roundtable Session 1: Identifying Opportunities for Urban Green Growth
  • Lunch Session: Japan’s Knowledge and Technologies on Urban Development
  • Roundtable Session 2: Implementing Urban Green Growth and TOD in Asian Cities
  • Roundtable Session 3: Collaborative Actions (in commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of Japan’s Accession to the OECD)
DAY THREE: Thursday 16 October

Site Visits to Mitsubishi Estate (Marunouchi Area), Shimizu Corporation (Kyobashi Area) and Mori Building Company (Tranomon Area)


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