Past RDPC High-level Ministerials


TDPC 2009 MINISTERIAL - Investing for Growth: Building Innovative Regions was held on the 31 March 2009, OECD Conference Centre, Paris

The need for regional policy to help address urgent economic, social and environmental challenges is offering renewed impetus for reform in a context of a major global downturn. The global economic crisis is affecting families and communities across the planet. With regions bearing the brunt of the crisis, affecting businesses, jobs and people generally, regional policies are very much part of the solution.

Ministers responsible for regional and territorial development from around the world gathered at the OECD on 31
March 2009 to discuss how countries can meet these challenges and how regional policy can support long-term growth.

The 3 sessions covered:

Session 1 - Regions, National Objectives and Global Challenges
Global challenges (economic crisis, climate change, ageing, migration) require decisive policy action and regional policy can play an important role.

Session 2 -  Unlocking Regional Growth: Innovation and Public Goods
Globalisation has increased pressure on regions to exploit their own competitive advantages. To achieve this, they need well-functioning innovation systems and effective delivery of high quality public goods and services.

Session 3 - Mobilising Actors and Capacities for Regional Development
Unlocking regional potential requires close collaboration among actors and capacity building at all levels. Effective leadership is crucial for regional development.

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REGIONAL POLICY FORUM- 'Global Crises - Regional Responses' was held on the 30 March 2009, OECD Conference Centre, Paris

Preceding the Ministerial, the Regional Policy Forum 'Global Crisis, Regional Responses' opened the floor to a diversity of key actors in the field of regional policy, including sub-national governments, business and financial sectors, education and research community, and NGOs. The Forum was organised into four roundtables, looking at different dimensions of regional policy.

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The OECD High Level Meeting of the Territorial Development Policy Committee (Martigny, Switzerland, June 2003)

This high-level meeting stressed the importance of competitive regions as the basis for national economic growth and social cohesion. Understanding why different regions perform differently and how their economic performance can be enhanced in coherence with other important policy objectives such as social cohesion and sustainable development is a priority for all Member countries. The economic importance of enhancing the accessibility and strengthening the functional linkages between rural regions and cities is now widely recognised.


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