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Biography: Ms Stefania Prestigiacomo


Ms Stefania Prestigiacomo

Current position: Minister for Equal Opportunities, Italy

Stefania Prestigiacomo is a 36 years old, catholic, married, businesswoman. On 11 June she was appointed Minister for Equal Opportunities in the government led by Silvio Berlusconi. As Minister for Equal Opportunities she has promoted the bill amending article 51 of the Constitution in order to guarantee equal opportunities between women and men in the access to public offices and also co-promoted a bill amending the Penal Code regarding crimes of slavery and trafficking of human beings. Other bills proposed by the Hon. Prestigiacomo concern the National Plan for kindergartens in work-places and legislation on street prostitution. She is the president of the Inter-ministerial Coordination Committee for the fight against Paedophilia (CICLOPE).

Previous experience

In 1990, at 23, she was elected president of the Young Entrepreneurs Group of Siracusa. In 1994 she was elected to the House of Representatives as member of the Forza Italia party. During the 12th legislature she was a member of the Public and Private Labour Select Committee and of the Special Committee for Childhood and deputy member of the Council of Europe and the WEU. In 1996 she was elected again to the House of Representatives. During the 13th legislature she was appointed deputy-chairperson of the Public and Private Labour Committee by MPs of her party and also deputy-chairperson of the inter-parliament group between Italy and Spain. On 13 May 2001 she has been re-elected to the House of Representatives.

To read Ms Prestigiacomo’s speech delivered at the conference on “Women Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation”in Ljubljana, please click here .


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