Regional, rural and urban development

11th Rural Development conference: Outcomes


Pre-conference presentations

Getting Rural Innovation Systems, Policies and Governance Right

Session A - Supporting Businesses to Innovate Session B - Rural Policy and Future Governance
Jan Willem van der Schans - The Business Accelerator Approach Jone Fernandez - Programmes & strategies to provide business innovation support in the Basque Country Goncalo Amorin - Agri-food sector business innovation in remote rural areas in Portugal

Rural Innovation to Build Sustainable and Resilient Communities

Session A - Technologies to Face Climate Change Session B - Skills of the Future
Gerallt Llewelyn-Jones - Engaging rural communities in developing and promoting new technologies
Stanislas d'Herbemont - Community energy for a fair energy systemGiuseppe Maggio - Climate-smart agriculture to support climate change mitigation and adaptation 

Jo O'Hara - Forestry as a technology to face climate change

Wendy Pring - How rural skills are changing Maura Farrell - Roles of different types of education provisionDaniela Luisi - Innovative education and skills provision

Rural Innovation to Enhance Prosperity and Well-Being

Session A - Adding Value Locally Session B - Smart Rural Communities
Alistair Dobson - How can can producer collaboration add value? Carlo Ricci - Food Communities - Turning social energy in added valueTeresa Pinto Correia - What soft skills do we need to connect value chain actors and support innovative networks? Chung Jae-kyun - Food policy as a driver for change? Cases of Rural Innovations in Korea Amanda Bryan - How to trigger and sustain community-led social innovation? Jan Dröge - How to improve connectivity at a local level? Steffen Hess - How to ensure rural communities harness the full potential of digital technologies? Tom Jones - What can be done to increase the benefits that rural areas obtain from urban areas?

Pre-conference outcomes



Conference presentations

Opening plenary

Gunter Pauli - Keynote speech


Pillar 1: 10 Key Drivers of Rural Change

 A. Production and global transformations  B. Quality of Life transformations
David Gonzalez -  Additive and distributive manufacturing
Daniel Heery - Drones
Oliver Roider - Driverless carsStefano Nicoletti - Cloud computing and internet of thingsStine Bundgaard Carlé- Decentralised energy systems

 Pillar 2: Creating Jobs and Economic Opportunity through innovation

A. Promoting entrepreneurship B. Rural innovation systems
 Brendan Burns - Promoting Entrepreneurship Spotlight on entrepreneurs and SMEsJuha Korhonen - Kuusamo Region in Northern Finland
Jackie Brierton - Promoting Entrepreneurship in Rural Areas
David Clementoni - Empowering SMEs Empowering People
 Clive Peckham - Virtuous Networks: co-creating rural innovationDonna Chisholm - Innovation in the Scottish rural aquaculture sector
Päivi Ekdahl - Rural businesses in Lapland - main barriers and key assets
Anna Price - The Rural Business Awards & Rural Business Group
C. Leadership and SME capacity building D. Smart specialisation and other policies supporting access to markets
 Julia Latto - Rural Leadership Programme
Duncan McConchie - Our journey to become A Rural Destination of Excellence
Panayiotis Chamakiotis - Rural leadership and innovation
Håkan Ylinenpää - Some challenges and opportunities for public interventions promoting rural development


 Erik Bergkvist - Smart Specialisation in Northern Sparsely Populated AreasTimothy Wojan - A data-driven Contrarian View of Smart Specialisation
Javier Gomez - The smart specialisation platform
Laura Enbuska Mäkii- The power of the regional innovation ecosystem, artic smartness

Pillar 3: Innovative Solutions to Rural Environmental and Social Challenges

A. Supporting businesses to innovate B. Social innovation and community-led initiatives
Aard Mulders -  Rural responses to global climate change objectives
Mikitaro Shobayashi - How could me mainstream mitigation and adaptation strategies in rural development strategies?
Rebecca Audsley - Farming for a Better Climate
Sofia Björnsson - EU farmers and agri-cooperatives’ Our contribution to tackle environmental and social challenges

Hanna Leena Pesonen - The northernmost lapland leader
Phil Barnes - Social innovation and community-led initiatives
Jane Atterton - Social innovation and community-led initiatives
Alessandra de Renzis - Tuscany inner areas strategy
C. Building green jobs in rural areas D. Long-term planning of rural services

David Freshwater - The green economy, useful, but only part of the solution


Katsuhiko Yamauchi- "Countryside stay" in Japan

Sabrina Lucatelli - A Strategy for Inner Areas in Italy
Duk Hwan Son -  korea's  regional policy
Sally Shortall -  Provision of services in Northern Ireland
Andrew corpus -  Long-term planning and prioritisation of rural services

 Video highlights from the conference

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