Lobbyists, Governments and Public Trust, Volume 2

Promoting Integrity through Self-regulation

This second volume of OECD's study on lobbying examines regulation and self-regulation of lobbying. It includes chapters defining and examining lobbying, describing the role of professional lobbying associations, exploring various codes of conduct and examining specific codes in various countries, examining lobbyists' attitudes toward regulation and self-regulation, and exploring various options for enhancing transparency and accountability.

Published on September 20, 2012


Executive Summary
Private Interests, Public Conduct: The Essence of Lobbying
The Role of Professional Lobbying Associations in Self-Regulation of Lobbying
Codes of Conduct for Lobbyists
Lobbyist Regulatory Regimes in Europe
Lobbyists' Attitudes Toward Self-Regulation and Regulation of Lobbying in Europe
Conclusion: Options for Enhancing Transparency and Accountability through Self-Regulation and Regulation of Lobbying
Survey Questions
Code of Lisbon
Code of Brussels
Association of Professional Political Consultants Code of Conduct
Persons and Organisations Interviewed in the Course of this Study
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