PISA 2012 problem-solving answer to questions level 5 (tickets)





The CORRECT answer involves buying a ticket for:

“City Subway/Concessions/Single Ticket(s)” with four trips AND visiting the BUY screen for the case "City Subway/Concession/Daily Ticket" to compare the prices.



At Level 5, students can systematically explore a complex problem scenario to gain an understanding of how relevant information is structured. When faced with unfamiliar, moderately complex devices, such as vending machines or home appliances, they respond quickly to feedback in order to control the device. In order to reach a solution, Level 5 problem-solvers think ahead to find the best strategy that addresses all the given constraints. They can immediately adjust their plans or backtrack when they detect unexpected difficulties or when they make mistakes that take them off course.




Use targeted exploration to accomplish a task. Buy tickets with a ticket machine, adjusting to feedback gathered over the course of the task to comply with all constraints: the ticket bought not only complies with three explicit instructions, but the student compared prices between the two possible options before making a selection, thus checking the constraint to buy the cheapest ticket. Execution of the solution involves multiple steps.

 The problem is interactive i.e. not all information is disclosed at the outset and some information has to be uncovered by exploring the problem situation. The setting is technology because the problem involves a technological device and the focus is social because the problem involves the community or society in general.



 The process is exploring and understanding because it involves building mental representations of each of the pieces of information presented in the problem. This includes exploring the problem situation: observing it, interacting with it, searching for information and finding limitations or obstacles; and understanding given information and information discovered while interacting with the problem situation; demonstrating  understanding of relevant concepts.


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