PISA 2009 Technical Report


PISA 2009 Technical Report
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ISBN: 9789264167872 (e-book: PDF format)

9789264040182 (print paperback)

Publication: 27/03/2012

Pages: 385
Language: English






PISA 2009 Technical Report

The PISA 2009 Technical Report describes the methodology underlying the PISA 2009 survey. It examines additional features related to the implementation of the project at a level of detail that allows researchers to understand and replicate its analyses. The reader will find a wealth of information on the test and sample design, methodologies used to analyse the data, technical features of the project and quality control mechanisms

Table of contents

  • Chapter 1: Programme for International Student Assessment: An overview
  • Chapter 2: Test design and test development
  • Chapter 3: The development of the PISA context questionnaires
  • Chapter 4: Sample design
  • Chapter 5: Translation and verification of the test and survey material
  • Chapter 6: Field operations
  • Chapter 7: Quality assurance 
  • Chapter 8: Survey weighting and the calculation of sampling variance
  • Chapter 9: Scaling PISA cognitive data
  • Chapter 10: Data management procedures
  • Chapter 11: Sampling outcomes
  • Chapter 12: Scaling outcomes
  • Chapter 13: Coding and marker reliability studies
  • Chapter 14: Data adjudication
  • Chapter 15: Proficiency scale construction
  • Chapter 16: Scaling procedures and construct validation of context questionnaire data
  • Chapter 17: Digital reading assessment
  • Chapter 18: International database

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Also available: PISA 2009 results


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